Catch up with the progress and grab the construction period! The project construction of the SCO Demonstration Zone is changing with each passing day

Demonstration area in early summer,There are blossoming flowers, rippling blue waves,More energetic.In recent years,The SCO Demonstration Zone adheres to both speed and quality.Pull the pattern from a high position,Advance the construction of major key projects.Reverse the epidemic, expand domestic demand, stabilize growth,The construction of the SCO Demonstration Zone project is racing against time.Every day brings new changes.Let’s walk into the construction site together.Witness the hot scene of catching up with the progress and grabbing the construction period!

Shanghai Electric Shanghe Wind Power Equipment Industrial Park

Shanghai Electric SCO Wind Power Equipment Industrial Park, as a key enterprise in the SCO Demonstration Zone, has actually started construction on more than 340 acres, and the project is progressing very smoothly. It is expected that all phases 1-3 will be completed and put into use in June, 6 months ahead of the original plan for trial production. It is expected that the first batch of products will be officially launched by the end of July.

The project is built by China’s top 500 and industry leader Shanghai Electric Group with a total construction area of 366,000 square meters. The project introduces the core technology of German Siemens to build the largest and world-class high-end wind power equipment industry chain demonstration base in Asia.

Geely Satellite Internet

The Geely Satellite Internet project is progressing rapidly. The main roof and secondary structure construction have been completed, and the external glass curtain wall, internal pipeline laying and decoration work are being carried out in an orderly manner, with the goal of achieving operation in October 2022.

The project is invested and built by Zhejiang Time and Space Dao Yu Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Geely Technology Group. It will launch 72 communications satellites within three years, build the first global low-orbit satellite constellation in China, and lead the first phalanx of low-orbit satellite heaven and earth integrated Internet of Things.

SCO National Youth Entrepreneurship Center

Looking at the construction site of the SCO National Youth Entrepreneurship Center, there are vivid scenes of tower cranes running non-stop, construction vehicles shuttling back and forth, and buildings rising from the ground.

The total construction area of the project is 179687.36 square meters, and the main functional formats are Grade A office buildings, maker SOHO, administrative service hall, conference center, planning exhibition hall, finance, business services, supporting business, etc. After the completion of the project, the four buildings will present the design appearance of "Fang Zun", which means that the SCO demonstration area brings together the trend of the world. It will provide services for young people from countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative" and SCO countries, including international students, to come to China for innovation and entrepreneurship, economic and trade cooperation, job training, etc., and build an SCO national youth entrepreneurship platform.

Qingdao Sino-French International Living Room

The construction site of Qingdao Sino-French International Living Room Project is busy and orderly, and the project is progressing very smoothly.

The project has a total construction area of 16,000 square meters and a total investment of 160 million yuan. The project will integrate upstream and downstream resources of the industrial chain, introduce industrial Internet innovation resources and entrepreneurship projects from France and other European countries into the industrial innovation center of the French international living room, and conduct a centralized display of related industrial products to help the SCO Demonstration Zone build a new platform for international cooperation under the "Belt and Road Initiative".

Projects are a vehicle for investment and a platform for development. To do a good job in project construction is not only an urgent task to stabilize economic growth, but also a long-term strategy to enhance development potential.

Shanghai Electric SCO Wind Power Equipment Industrial Park, Geely Satellite Internet and other projects are just a microcosm of the SCO demonstration zone project construction in full swing.

As of mid-May, under the premise of ensuring quality and safety, all the key projects under construction in the SCO Demonstration Zone have been advanced rapidly and orderly according to the time nodes and schedule requirements, forming a vivid situation in which construction projects are catching up with each other and construction projects are in full swing. This will help the SCO Demonstration Zone successfully complete the annual target tasks, effectively strengthen the project support, and continuously consolidate hard strength and accumulate new kinetic energy!

(Source: Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Zone)

Afternoon comment on A-shares: Shanghai Composite Index bottomed out and rose by 0.26% in half a day. Major financial stocks rose collectively.

  The three A-share indexes collectively closed up in early trading. By midday, the Shanghai Composite Index rose by 0.26%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose by 0.24%, the North Stock Exchange 50 fell by 0.85%, the Growth Enterprise Market Index rose by 0.58%, and the half-day turnover in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets was 477.7 billion yuan. More than 2,800 stocks in the two cities fell, and northbound funds sold 1.014 billion yuan in half a day.

  On the theme of the sector, digital currency, cross-border payment, textile manufacturing and other sectors were among the top gainers; Diet pills, precious metals and other sectors led the decline.

  On the disk, digital currency concept stocks led the gains in early trading, () 20CM daily limit, () and () rose by more than 10%, and () and () both had daily limit; Banks, insurance, securities and other major financial sectors rose near midday, () daily limit, () rose by more than 7%, (), (), (), (), (), (), (), etc. rose one after another; The textile manufacturing sector was among the top gainers, with both () and () daily limit, and () rose by over 8%; The concept stocks of diet pills pulled back in early trading today, with () down limit, (), (), Kang Peng Science and Technology, () and other stocks falling more than 7%; In terms of popular stocks, () staged a day board and recorded 7 boards in 10 days.

  Plate analysis:

  Straight flush hot stock list:

  Transaction review:

  At 09: 25, A shares opened, with the Shanghai Composite Index opening 0.09%, Shenzhen Component Index opening 0.2% and Growth Enterprise Market Index opening 0.36%. Cross-border payment and digital currency concept stocks were active.

  At 09:28, the concept stocks of diet pills pulled back, Baihua Pharmaceutical fell by a word, Hanyu Pharmaceutical and Jinkaishengke fell by more than 6%, and many stocks such as (), Changshan Pharmaceutical and () opened lower.

  At 09:30, the cross-border payment sector was active at the beginning of the session. Huafeng Microfiber had a daily limit of 20CM, Kelan Software opened 11.82% higher, and Chutianlong, (), (), Zhongke Jincai and other stocks opened over 5% higher.

  At 09:37, the concept stocks of computing power continued to be active. (1) The daily limit again recorded 3 boards for 4 days, (2 boards) and (1) the daily limit, (), () and () followed up.

  At 09:39, orient securities fell rapidly in early trading, and its share price once fell more than 8%. In the news, orient securities’s shareholding () and other related matters are included in the scope of verification.

  At 09:47, lithium battery concept stocks bottomed out, () quickly pulled up the daily limit, () rose by over 15%, () rose by over 10%, and (), (), Zhenhua New Materials and () followed suit.

  At 09:50, the textile manufacturing sector rose in intraday trading, Fengzhu Textile rose daily, Jujie Microfiber rose by more than 5%, and Yingfeng shares, (), () and () followed suit.

  At 09:51, the securities sector rose, Huachuang Yunxin rose by more than 5%, and china galaxy, Huatai Securities, CITIC Securities and Everbright Securities rose one after another.

  At 09:52 (), the intraday price rose by 219.32%, hitting a temporary stop.

  At 09:54 (), the daily limit rose again, recording 8 consecutive boards, and the turnover exceeded 800 million yuan.

  At 09:55 (), shares and bonds all fell, and gemdale’s share price approached the daily limit. The corporate bond "16 Jindi 02" fell more than 25% and hit the temporary stop, "21 Jindi 01" fell more than 13% and "21 Jindi 03" fell more than 9%. Gemdale announced yesterday that Ling Ke applied to resign as a director, chairman and member of the strategy committee of the board of directors due to physical reasons.

  At 09:57, the precious metal plate fluctuated and fell, () fell by nearly 5%, and (), (), () and () fell by over 3%.

  10:00 According to () iFinD data, half an hour after the opening, the turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets reached 239.9 billion yuan.

  At 10: 05, CPO concept stocks fell, () and () fell more than 7%, (), () and () fell more than 5%.

  At 10:08, oil and gas stocks bottomed out, () rose by over 7%, () rose by over 5%, and () rose by nearly 4%. The stock once fell by over 8% in early trading.

  At 10:11, the mask aligner plate oscillated lower, () fell more than 6%, () fell more than 5%, Torch Light Technology and Tengjing Technology fell more than 4%, and American and Egyptian technologies, () and () followed suit.

  At 10:25, the whole vehicle sector continued to fall, () fell by nearly 5%, () fell by nearly 5%, () fell by more than 3%, and (), () and () followed.

  At 11:03, the banking, insurance, securities and other financial sectors rose in intraday trading, Huachuang Yunxin had a daily limit, china galaxy and Guolian Securities rose more than 4%, and Capital Securities, Cinda Securities, Ruifeng Bank, (), New China Life Insurance and China Pacific Insurance rose one after another.


  1. CITIC Securities: Listed central enterprises frequently increase their repurchase, and the liquidity on the market continues to improve.

  Citic Securities Research Report pointed out that on October 16, a number of listed central enterprises issued announcements on increasing holdings (progress) and repurchase. Since August, listed central enterprises have frequently increased their holdings and repurchased, which is an important measure to implement the Work Plan for Improving the Quality of Listed Companies Holding by Central Enterprises, guide the rational return of the value of listed central enterprises and stabilize the capital market. From the historical experience, the repurchase tide has a positive effect on market sentiment and stock price in the bottom interval. In addition to increasing holdings and repurchases, the slowdown in financing, the slowdown in reducing holdings, and the countercyclical adjustment of policies also reflect the improvement of market liquidity, which is conducive to the re-opening of investors on the sidelines. In terms of configuration, according to the strategy focus recommendation, it is still recommended to divide the layout into three stages: pro-cycle, science and technology and white horse.

  2. Insiders: The transformation of villages in cities is expected to incite the trillion-dollar market.

  According to the Economic Information Daily, the reporter learned that the renovation of urban villages in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing and other places is steadily spreading. A few days ago, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development made it clear that the reconstruction of urban villages in mega-cities in China will be divided into three categories: demolition and new construction, regular rectification and upgrading, and combination of demolition and integration. According to the information system of urban village reconstruction of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, there are currently 162 urban village reconstruction projects in China. According to industry insiders, the renovation of villages in cities has not only improved the living environment of residents, but also changed the space for new life into new development. According to some data, it is conservatively estimated that the annual investment in the renovation of villages in cities in China will reach 840 billion yuan.

  3. Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport by plane.

  According to CCTV news, today, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport by plane. President Putin will attend the third "Belt and Road" international cooperation summit forum and participate in related activities.

  4. Asked about the announcement of the new M7 car care plan: the delivery delay is up to 10,000 yuan.

  According to Sina Finance, on October 17th, AITO asked the community about the new M7 car care plan, which announced that if the delivery of vehicles is delayed, users will be able to enjoy the car care subsidy up to 10,000 yuan. It is reported that for new M7 users who have completed the big payment before November 30th, 2023, the order status on AITO App starts from the date when the delivery plan is confirmed to the date when the vehicle has arrived at the store. If the waiting period in the table below is exceeded, they will receive the cash subsidy for picking up the car according to the number of days (the date when the vehicle has arrived at the store-the date when the delivery plan has been confirmed-the waiting period). The standard of overdue subsidy is 200 yuan/day, up to 10,000 yuan.

  5. Lei Jun: The official version of Xiaomi’s brand-new operating system 澎湃 OS has been packaged.

  Lei Jun announced in his personal Weibo that Xiaomi’s brand-new operating system, Xiaomi HyperOS, has been packaged for the official version. Xiaomi 14 series, the first mobile phone equipped with a new system, has been delivered to the factory to start production. From this moment on, Xiaomi 澎湃 OS will gradually replace MIUI.

  6. Baidu released Wen Xin Model 4.0 Li Yanhong: The comprehensive level is not inferior to GPT-4.

  According to the Securities Times, on the 17th, Li Yanhong, founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, announced the official release of Wenxin Big Model 4.0 and started the invitation test. He said that this is by far the most powerful Wenxin model, which has achieved a comprehensive upgrade of the basic model, and has significantly improved its understanding, generation, logic and memory abilities. The comprehensive level is "not inferior to GPT-4".

  7. gemdale responded to the resignation of Chairman Ling Ke: it is a normal management team handover and will not have a significant impact on the company’s operations.

  According to, on the morning of October 17th, regarding the resignation of Ling Ke, the chairman of the company, gemdale responded to the reporter that the resignation of Chairman Ling Ke was really due to physical reasons. The relevant person in charge of gemdale said that the resignation of Chairman Ling Ke and the replacement of Chairman Huang Juncan were normal management team handover and would not have a significant impact on the company’s operation.

  8. China Mobile: Customizing the Mate 60 model is a routine action. This purchase also involves the Pro version.

  According to the Securities Times, recently, () Tendering and Purchasing Network disclosed five terminal procurement projects of mobile phone products such as Huawei Mate 60 Equity Edition-single source procurement information announcement. According to the announcement, China Mobile plans to purchase five mobile phone products including Huawei Mate 60 Rights Edition, with a demand of 1.2 million sets. China Mobile’s purchase triggered a heated discussion in the market. The reporter learned from relevant persons of China Mobile that this purchase belongs to the normal customized version (equity version) of China Mobile. It is understood that the rights edition model means that China Mobile will customize its own business such as mobile cloud disk on the terminal, which is not much different from the public edition model. In the above announcement, except for Huawei Mate 60 rights edition, the models of the other four mobile phones were not disclosed; According to the information obtained by the reporter, the other four models include Mate 60 Pro and Mate 60 Pro+.

HarmonyOS zhixing rumours!

  Recently, there are rumors in the market that China Post and Telecommunications Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Post") will fully undertake the user center agent of HarmonyOS Zhixing, the Huawei car business, which was originallyThe responsible user center will be gradually handed over to China Post or managed.

  It is understood that China Post is a long-term cooperative mobile phone distributor of Huawei. For the above rumors, "HarmonyOS Zhixing" officialThe Clarification on the False Report that "China Post will fully undertake the agency of HarmonyOS Zhixing User Center" was issued, saying that China Post is building a new Zhixing User Center in HarmonyOS to develop together with the existing AITO Customer Center.

  In 2023, HarmonyOS Zhixing opened to 78 cities nationwide to join the user center, which provided a series of services including sales, delivery and after-sales. Previously, Huawei’s smart cars were mainly drained and sold by Huawei terminal stores, while AITO’s customer center focused more on delivery and after-sales.

  According to the reporter’s query on the "HarmonyOS Zhixing" APP, there are currently 54 HarmonyOS Zhixing user centers in China. With the acceleration of the construction of HarmonyOS Zhixing User Center, Huawei’s "car selling channel" may have new changes.

Huawei "not only asks the world", but also welcomes changes in car sales channels.

  At the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2023, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, once said that there would be two "boundaries" after the "intellectual boundary" and "intellectual boundary", respectively from BAIC and JAC.

  Among them, Wenjie is a brand that Huawei cooperates with under the automobile intelligent selection mode, while Zhijie is a new brand created by Huawei and Chery. More and more "boundaries" mean that Huawei’s "circle of friends who build cars" has further expanded.

  In November, 2023, Huawei upgraded the original smart selection model to HarmonyOS Zhixing, and continued to cooperate with Celeste, Chery, Jianghuai and BAIC.

Huawei’s new car, Zhijie S7, was displayed in the experience store with the words "HarmonyOS Zhixing". An Yufei/photo

  In this case,The marketing model of the business has also changed. Previously, Huawei relied on its terminal stores to be responsible for the drainage and ordering of smart cars. By the end of 2022, Huawei has established more than 60,000 stores and counters around the world, including more than 5,500 experience stores and more than 2,200 Huawei authorized service centers. The AITO authorized user experience center built by Cyrus is mainly responsible for the delivery and after-sales of automobiles.

  However, with the launch of Zhijie S7 and other models, Huawei also needs a new service center to undertake the sales and delivery services of brands outside the world. HuaxinIt is said that at present, most of Huawei’s direct stores can only display the models of Jiejie, and customers need to go to the underground garage for static feeling if they want to test drive the Zhijie, which is not good for the promotion of HarmonyOS Zhixing series. With the introduction of new models, the disadvantages will gradually emerge.

  In 2023, HarmonyOS Zhixing opened to 78 cities across the country to join the user center and seek partners. according toPowerOn reports that Huawei is building an independent HarmonyOS Zhixing store for Smart Car Selection. It is estimated that in 2024, the number of newly-built HarmonyOS Zhixing stores will reach about 800, and it will hit 1,000 in 2025.

  It is understood that HarmonyOS Zhixing User Center will provide services including sales, delivery and after-sales, and become a "integration of sales, delivery and service" user center. The user center has four levels: S, A, B and C. The S-level user center is required to accommodate 12 or more exhibition parking spaces and 12 or more delivery parking spaces, and the lowest C-level user center also needs 6 exhibition parking spaces and delivery parking spaces. Compared with Huawei terminal stores that need to "sell mobile phones", HarmonyOS Zhixing User Center is selling car service capabilities.Stronger.

  In the process of building HarmonyOS Zhixing User Center, one of Huawei’s criteria for selecting partners is to have priority.Experience and ability in brand car sales and maintenance. As a long-term cooperative distributor of Huawei, China Post has built a certain sales advantage around the smart ecology of "people, cars and houses".

  Huaxin believes that if the car purchase process of its HarmonyOS Zhixing cooperative OEM cannot be unified, it is expected that there will be a multi-party game between different OEM brands, which is harmful to the promotion of smart car selection. Based on the objective demand of increasing vehicle types and expanding exhibition area, and the necessity of unifying the sales and delivery process of HarmonyOS Zhixing, it is imperative for Huawei to build an independent HarmonyOS Zhixing store.

Wen Jie won the weekly sales crown, and "Huawei Department" sprinted to the high-end market.

  according toIn the weekly sales list released in the first week of 2024 (January 1-January 7), in the sales list of new power brands in China market, the customer reached the top with sales of 5900 vehicles, and ideally ranked second with sales of 4300 vehicles.

  The popularity of the new M7 and M9 in the world of inquiry also continues to rise. On the afternoon of December 26th, 2023, Yu Chengdong said that the number of reserved cars for the M9 was over 54,000.

  In order to further increase the sales volume, a price war has also started in the world: during the period from January 1 to January 31, 2024, consumers who buy the new M7 designated models in the world will enjoy the right to buy cars up to 40,000 yuan. The rights and interests include giving the maximum value of 12,000 yuan for interior and exterior decoration matching rights, 3,000 yuan for Spring Festival red envelopes, and equal deductions for ADS smart driving packages and technology enjoyment packages with different values. From the perspective of asking M9, if you decide to ask M9 before 24: 00 on February 26th, 2024, you can enjoy the matching rights worth 10,000 yuan.

  Ping An Research Report said that after the hot sales of HarmonyOS Zhixing models, the necessity and urgency of cooperation between car companies and Huawei have been significantly enhanced. At present, the OEMs covered by HarmonyOS Zhixing include Cyrus and Chery Automobile.And BAIC, HI mode is only Changan Aouita. After the independence of BU, equity diversification attracts more OEMs to become.And customers, Huawei BU is one step closer to becoming "Bosch" in the field of smart cars.

  Ping An Securities predicts that the sales volume of Huawei’s deeply empowered vehicles is expected to reach 670,000 vehicles in 2024 (including Wenjie, Zhijie and Aouita), with a significant incremental contribution. In 2024, the domestic retail volume may exceed., become a high-endAn important pole of the market.

Starting from 359,800 yuan, the ideal L8 went on the market, and the ideal L7 was unexpectedly released simultaneously.

In June, 2022, Ideal L9 was officially released, officially delivered to users at the end of August, and the 10,000th vehicle officially rolled off the assembly line at the end of September, which set a new record in the industry. However, this is not all, because the second car of the Ideal L series, the Ideal L8, was officially released on September 30th. The new car offers two models, L8 Pro and L8 Max, and announced the price of 359,800 yuan and 399,800 yuan. The order will be started at 16: 05 on the 30th, and friends who want to buy it can place an order.

In addition, it is surprising that the ideal L7 also announced the price and related vehicle configuration at the press conference. It is also two cars, L7 Pro and L7 Max, with prices of 339,800 yuan and 379,800 yuan. The new car will be unveiled at this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show and delivered in February 2023. So, we now know the information of the ideal L8, and then we will share the ideal L7 with you.

Ideality L8

LI official said that the ideal L8 is the replacement model of Li ONE, and it comes from the same platform as the ideal L9. From the car name, it is not difficult to find that the L8 is located below the L9, with a lower positioning, but it is still a medium-sized and large SUV. Now, I will share with you some key information about the ideal L8, so don’t cross it off and read it slowly.

I. Vehicle delivery

After the order was opened on September 30, 2022, the production of Ideal L8 Pro and Ideal L8 Max was arranged in the order of ordering time and delivered within the expected delivery time. Ideal L8 will be officially delivered at LI Delivery Center in early November 2022. The ideal L8 Max will be delivered in early November, and the ideal L8 Pro will be delivered in late November. Due to factors such as configuration and pick-up city, the delivery order of some orders may be slightly different.

Second, the design, size and optional configuration

I am very familiar with the ideal L8 when I see it. Loosely speaking, it is a model of the ideal L9. The platform is the same and the appearance design is very similar. You can find the difference in the following pictures to see what are the similarities and differences between the ideal L8 and the ideal L9 in design. I won’t go into details about the design of the ideal L8. Let’s study it ourselves.

In terms of dimensions, the ideal L8 is positioned lower than L9, and the body size is smaller. The length, width and height of L8 are 5080/1995/1800 mm, and the wheelbase is 3005 mm, in which the length, width and height are respectively 50/35/40 mm longer than that of Li ONE, and the wheelbase is 70 mm longer, 138 mm and 3 mm less than that of ideal L9, and the wheelbase is 100 mm less. Therefore, the ideal L8 has made a qualitative leap compared with Li ONE, which is shorter than L9, and its width and height are still equivalent to L9.

In terms of optional configuration, the ideal L8 appearance provides metallic paints in four standard colors: gold, silver, gray and black, and three special edition car paints: purple special edition pearl paint, green special edition pearl paint and blue special edition cold light paint. The interior offers black and white two-color interior, black coffee two-color interior and black orange two-color interior to choose from. In terms of wheels, there are two sizes of 20-inch and 21-inch wheels, and two styles of silver-gray two-color wheels and black-gray two-color wheels are available. Among them, the special appearance color scheme is 10,000 yuan, the 21-inch wheel hub is 10,000 yuan, and the electric pedal is 10,000 yuan.

Third, intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving

1. Intelligent cockpit

The interior layout of the ideal L8 is basically the same as that of the ideal L9, and it still smells familiar on the center console. In the intelligent cockpit, first of all, the three-position steering wheel is still designed with a small display screen of the driving computer, and there is no traditional instrument panel design. The central control center is a dual screen, which integrates most vehicle settings and entertainment functions, but the level of intelligent cockpit varies according to different models. Among them, the ideal L8 Pro comes standard with intelligent cockpit SS Pro, using Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip and front four-screen interactive system (HUD, safe driving interactive screen and two front 15.7-inch LCD screens). The ideal L8 Max model comes standard with smart cockpit SS Max, which adopts Qualcomm double Snapdragon 8155 chip and five-screen three-dimensional interactive system (HUD, safe driving interactive screen and three 15.7-inch LCD screens in the front and rear rows).

In the riding part, the ideal L8 only provides 6-seat version, and the seats are made of 3D comfort sponge and Nappa leather. The seat shape is developed according to the body model of China users, and the shape fits the body very well. The ideal L8 three rows of seats are all electrically adjustable with heating function. The first and second rows of seats are equipped with ventilation and waist massage functions as standard, and each seat is equipped with luxurious and comfortable soft pillows. The narrowest part of the central passage of the second row of seats is 181 mm, which is convenient for users in the third row to enter and leave. In addition, the all-electric steering wheel combined with the seat welcome function can also provide drivers with a more comfortable experience of getting on and off.

In the part of audio-visual entertainment, Ideal L8 inherits Li ONE’s four-screen voice interaction function, and improves the entertainment experience of the whole car again. The smart space Pro system used adopts dual LCD screens with 15.7-inch 3K resolution, which supports Type-C cable projection, and 19 speakers with 7.3.4 Dolby panoramic sound technology provide a high-quality sound experience. In addition, the ideal L8 Pro uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 car rating chip to ensure the fluency and response speed of interaction.

The smart space Max system equipped with the ideal L8 Max has three 15.7-inch LCD screens, 21 speakers, 7.3.4 Dolby panoramic sound technology and 3D ToF sensor, which provides the ultimate audio-visual experience for passengers in the car. In addition, the ideal L8 Max uses two Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 car rating chips, which provide powerful computing power for driving, AI, software and entertainment, and can provide a brand-new audio-visual experience for users in the car by directly connecting Nintendo Switch and AR glasses through a line.

2. Intelligent driving

The ideal L8 is also very strong in intelligent driving. The ideal L8 Pro will come standard with the ideal AD Pro intelligent assisted driving system, and will become the first vehicle in the world to adopt the domestic intelligent driving chip Horizon Journey 5, with a total strength of 128TOPS. The ideal AD Pro adopts a pure vision scheme, and its perception, decision-making, control and algorithm are all independently developed, and the high-speed NOA navigation assisted driving function is standard.

The ideal L8 Max will come standard with the ideal AD Max intelligent assisted driving system. The dual NVIDIA Orin-X computing chips carried by the ideal AD Max intelligent driver assistance system have finally reached 508TOPS, which can effectively process the fusion signals of high-definition cameras, laser radars, millimeter-wave radars and ultrasonic sensors in real time. The dual processors are mutually redundant, which makes the intelligent driving system run more stably. In the future, the system will realize the intelligent assisted driving function in the whole scene. In addition, LI said that in the future, it is expected to achieve L4-level autopilot assistance capability in 2025.

Fourth, the power system

The ideal L8 is equipped with the same 1.5T four-cylinder range extender and the combination of motor and battery as the ideal L9. The fuel consumption of CLTC heat engine is only 5.9 liters /100 kilometers. With the battery pack of 42.8 kWh, it can achieve the endurance performance of CLTC with a comprehensive cruising range of 1315 kilometers and WLTC with a comprehensive cruising range of 1100 kilometers. The front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive system consisting of the front five-in-one drive motor and the rear three-in-one drive motor can realize the power performance of 0-100 km/h and accelerate for 5.5 seconds.

In terms of suspension, the front suspension of the new car is a double wishbone independent suspension, and the rear suspension is a five-link independent suspension. With the intelligent air spring and the CDC continuous variable damping shock absorber with millisecond response, it provides flagship driving and riding comfort. Not only that, the air suspension provides a warranty of 8 years and 160,000 kilometers, allowing users to feel at ease.

Ideality L7

At this conference, LI brought us a surprise and unexpectedly released the ideal L7. Ideal L7 is also a medium and large-sized extended-range SUV, officially defined as "the flagship five-seat SUV of home intelligence", which is the first five-seat SUV in LI. The car will also launch two models, the L7 Pro is 339,800 yuan and the L7 Max is 379,800 yuan. The new car will be unveiled at this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show and delivered in February 2023.

I. Size, design and optional configuration

The ideal positioning of L7 is a medium-sized and large SUV, but its size is a little smaller than that of L8. Its length, width and height are 5050/1995/1750 mm, and its wheelbase is 3005 mm, which is a little smaller than that of L8, but it is not small in the ranks of five medium-sized and large SUVs. In terms of design, there is not much difference between L7 and L8. You can feel it from the picture below, so we won’t go into details about the design.

Optional configuration, the ideal L7 is also two models. In appearance color matching, four standard colors of metallic paints, white, silver, gray and black, as well as two special edition car paints: green special edition pearl paint and blue special edition cold light paint, are standard. The interior offers black and white two-color interior, black coffee two-color interior and black orange two-color interior to choose from. In terms of wheels, there are two sizes of 20-inch and 21-inch wheels, and two styles of silver-gray two-color wheels and black-gray two-color wheels are available. Similarly, special color matching and 21-inch wheels need to be added.

Second, intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving

1. For the intelligent cockpit, the ideal L7 comes standard with a 13.35-inch color HUD and Mini LED interactive screen for safe driving, which projects important driving information onto the front windshield through the HUD head-up display system, so that the driver does not need to leave the road, making driving safer. The interactive screen for safe driving is located above the steering wheel. It adopts Mini LED and multi-touch technology, which can not only clearly display the necessary driving information, but also realize the touch control mode, making the interaction easier.

The smart space Pro system used in the ideal L7 Pro adopts dual LCD screens with 15.7-inch 3K resolution, supports Type-C cable projection, and 19 speakers cooperate with 7.3.4 Dolby panoramic sound response system to provide high-quality sound experience. In addition, the ideal L7 Pro uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 car rating chip to ensure the fluency and response speed of interaction.

The smart space Max system equipped with the ideal L7 Max has three 15.7-inch LCD screens, 21 speakers, 7.3.4 Dolby panoramic sound response system and 3D ToF sensor, which provides the ultimate audio-visual experience for the passengers in the car. In addition, the ideal L7 Max uses two Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 car-class chips, which provide powerful computing power for driving, AI, software and entertainment, and can provide a brand-new audio-visual experience for users in the car by directly connecting Nintendo Switch and AR glasses through a line.

In terms of seats, the ideal L7 is designed with five seats. Its second row has a maximum legroom of 1,160mm, and its trunk is more than 1m deep. This kind of internal space exceeds the performance of the same class. The second row of seats supports electric adjustment, the maximum inclination angle reaches 40 degrees, and the cushion length reaches 520 mm, which makes the ride experience very comfortable. In addition, the right side of the second row is equipped with electric leg rest, which provides users with a natural, comfortable and unrestrained ride experience.

When the rear center seat of the ideal L7 is put down, it can be turned into an oversized armrest, which surrounds the whole seat with the soft elbow rest on the door, and immediately turns a luxurious and comfortable electric three-person sofa into two independent VIP seats. With 7.3.4 panoramic sound response system and double-layer sound insulation glass, you will have an immersive sound experience.

3. In terms of intelligent driving, the ideal L7 Pro will come standard with the ideal AD Pro intelligent assisted driving system, and will become the first vehicle in the world to adopt the domestic intelligent driving chip Horizon Journey 5, with a total strength of 128TOPS. The ideal AD Pro intelligent assisted driving system adopts a vision-based multi-sensor fusion scheme, and the perception, decision-making, control and algorithm are all independently developed, and the high-speed NOA navigation assisted driving function is standard.

The ideal L7 Max will be equipped with the ideal AD Max intelligent assisted driving system as standard. The dual NVIDIA Orin-X computing chips carried by the ideal AD Max intelligent driver assistance system have finally reached 508TOPS, which can effectively process the fusion signals of high-definition cameras, laser radars, millimeter-wave radars and ultrasonic sensors in real time. The dual processors are mutually redundant, which makes the intelligent driving system run more stably.

Third, the power aspect

Ideal L7 adopts LI’s brand-new four-wheel drive extended range electric system, which is a combination of 1.5T four-cylinder engine, motor and battery pack. The comprehensive cruising range of CLTC is 1,315km, and that of WLTC is 1,100km. For suspension, the ideal L7 comes standard with the ideal magic carpet air suspension with self-developed intelligent air suspension control system.

Finally, the arrival of LI L8, the price of 359,800 yuan and 399,800 yuan compared with Li ONE, had a surprise, after all, all aspects of product strength are much stronger than Li ONE. The ideal L8 show car will arrive at the exhibition hall during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, and we look forward to the real car experience of the ideal L8. In addition, the ideal L7 can be said to be released without warning, the body size has been reduced, and the price has been lowered to 339,800 yuan, and five-seat models are provided for the first time, giving users more choices. At present, Ideal L8 and Ideal L7 are very strong in many aspects. What kind of order quantity will it hand over soon?

Is it dead? Ten domestic potential new tours were launched in ten days, and Tencent participated in the war strongly!

With the normalization of the release of the version number, the whole game circle recovered and agitated like spring. In the last ten days of March alone, at least ten domestic new tours have set off a test frenzy, including the open world, classic IP new works, big-name IP adaptation, innovative gameplay with full potential and so on. Interested players can pay attention to the test time and participation method.

Ming Chao

Manufacturer: Kuluo R&D, Tencent Investment.

Test time: the recruitment will be started on March 21st, and the limited free file deletion test will be started on April 20th.

Kuluo’s new world tour "Ming Chao" will be opened, and the official announcement will start the "resonance test" on April 20. The recruitment time will last from March 21 to April 15, and the official will randomly select players to issue test qualifications after the recruitment.

This test is a limited free file deletion test, which is open to PC, Android and iOS platforms at the same time. The data between PC and mobile platform is interoperable, but the qualification will be bound to the equipment used for the first time, and the equipment cannot be replaced during the test.

In the middle of last year, "Ming Chao" opened a 0.5 technical test, which gave players a glimpse of the initial face of this "sexual indifference" style of the second-dimensional open world. It has more freedom to explore parkour system than the original god, such as running directly on the mountain wall, rippling for a long distance with air hooks and claws and so on. The combat system emphasizes the action infinitely, and the attack methods such as bullet time, rebound and QTE emerge one after another, but there are also many problems such as insufficient sense of attack and dull face of the character.

Some time ago, Kuluo also accepted Tencent’s investment and retained the right of independent development. This "resonance test" will give us a new look of Kuluo after more than half a year’s development.

"New Tianlong Babu" Mobile Tour

Manufacturer: Changyou R&D, issued by Tencent.

Open test information: March 22nd, Anzhuo Shenlong test.

After 10 months of painstaking recasting, the "New Dragon Eight Parts" mobile game officially launched the "Dragon Test" on March 22, and the test type is Android limited number paid file deletion test.

"New Tianlong Babu" was created by Changyou’s original team. The game uses Unity5-PBR technology engine to restore the real world of the Northern Song Dynasty, reshape famous scenes such as Dali City, Yanmenguan and Yanziwu, and create a 3D visual feast. There are also classic characters such as Qiao Feng, Duan Yu, Xu Zhu, Arjun and Wang Yuyan, which reproduce the original tortuous and bizarre heroic story.

There are many Tianlong IP games on the market, and this "New Tianlong Babu" mobile game was transplanted from the end tour by Changyou Company and jointly produced by Tencent Changyou.

A look at Tencent’s agent operation, many players are afraid of shaking three times. Tencent obviously noticed this, and specially released an article entitled "How does New Tianlong land in the player trading system?" The article shows the existence and development of "free trading" and "setting up stalls" in the mobile game of "New Tianlong Babu", that is, you can move bricks!

In addition, the primary and secondary currencies in the game can be converted as needed, which means that the gold coins in the game can be reversely converted into ingots. This breakthrough is believed to inject more possibilities into the free trading market in the game.

Diary of My Royal Sword

Manufacturers: Yuefu Mutual Entertainment R&D, Chinese Mobile Games Distribution

Test information: March 22nd "Royal Sword Test" Android limited file deletion billing test.

Test time: 10: 00 on March 22nd to 23:59 on March 29th.

"My Royal Sword Diary" is a domestic RPG mobile game with Xiuzhen exploration card, which was jointly issued by Shanghai Yuefu Mutual Entertainment and Shenzhen Zhongyou Mobile Game, and passed the version number approval on July 30, 2022.

This game was created by the original class of the three kingdoms of the youth, and the main slogan is "the mobile game of fixing truth played by young people". The game is expected to be officially launched in mid-May this year, and on March 22nd, My Royal Sword Diary ushered in the ultimate paid internal test.

In the game, the player plays an ordinary disciple of Qingyun Sect, and by coincidence, he is inherited by the Emperor and becomes the master of the heavenly book. The imperial sword explores and cultivates the truth from all walks of life, makes friends with all parties, refines the alchemist and demon, and the demon spirit array fights to resolve the crisis of Zongmen Sect. All kinds of experiences in practice make the protagonist grow into a monk who cares about the world and resolutely embark on a journey to save the whole world.

The devil may cry-the battle of the peak

Vendors: Capcom authorization, Yunchang game research and development.

Test information: "Awakening Test" on March 23rd.

Authorized by CAPCOM and developed by Yunchang Games, The Devil May Cry-Battle of the Peak was officially released as early as June 11th, 2021, and now version 2.0 is coming soon.

This new version mainly focuses on the completion and optimization of gameplay. Previously, players have been feedback that there are too few gameplay, so 2.0 has drastically adjusted the original copy gameplay according to the player’s suggestion, and added new challenges, such as the new version of Blood Palace, Roguelike copy, jumping skills, and PVP that players have been waiting for a long time.

In version 2.0, visual contents such as game scenes, character models, skill special effects, and UI have also been transformed to varying degrees, with emphasis on adjusting the texture of details.

In the "Awakening Test" on March 23rd, players will be able to explore richer main plots, experience new and upgraded combat operations, and manipulate new characters who are familiar with the devil may cry series.

It is understood that after the version goes online, players can also get the role Nero for free.

"warm snow" mobile game "ember dream" DLC

Manufacturer: Mud game research and development, exclusive agent of bilibili game.

Open test information: Android limited file deletion test on March 24th.

Guofeng action martial arts adventure Roguelite game "Warm Snow" mobile game version of "Emerald Dream" DLC will start a small-scale pre-emptive limited file deletion test at 11: 00 am on March 24th. This test is a DLC version test of the game, and you need to own and unlock the "Warm Snow Mobile Game" itself and have the test qualification to participate. And because of the nature of the "confidential test", maybe we won’t know the test content until it is officially launched.

"Warm Snow" is a Rogue game with dark national wind action, which is unique in picture, feel and plot setting, and has achieved excellent results in word-of-mouth sales after its release.

Mobile games transplant the game ontology in full, and adopt the form of free download and paid unlocking, so that you can download the game for free and experience the first level for free, and the subsequent content will cost 25 yuan to buy out and unlock the game ontology.

In the next version, the production team will update the DLC "Dream" and the latest "Endless Mode" on the PC side to the players for free, and at the same time, they are also trying to add some exclusive functions on the mobile side, such as key connection and monster position indicator light. Interested players can continue to pay attention.

Strange Tales of Goddess: Phantom of the Night

Manufacturer: SEGA authorized, Perfect World R&D.

Test information: March 29th "Sneak test"

Authorized by SEGA, with the deep participation of ATLUS, the first mobile game of the 5》IP series "Strange Tales of Goddess 5" created by Kuroha Studio of Perfect World Games, The Phantom of the Night (P5X for short), the first test was officially finalized on March 29th, and the test recruitment is currently in full swing.

As a new series of P5 works logging into the mobile terminal for the first time, P5X is not only committed to restoring the stylized audio-visual performance of IP, but also fully considers the habits of mobile phone users, aiming at creating a P5 mobile game that directly hits the aesthetics of all young people.

This book focuses on the theme of "desire" and tells a brand-new story that teenagers who have awakened the ability of "personality mask" meet and get to know each other, face difficulties side by side and grow up under the background of "low desire". The mysterious old man with a long nose, a strange underwater room, an owl who can "speak" human words, and a world completely different from reality, these seemingly unrelated things are linked together because of a certain opportunity …

The protagonist of the game and the exclusive personality mask of the protagonist are personally manipulated by Seiji Kojima. As a senior role designer of the ATLUS art team, a series of characters he designed for "Unusual Records of the Goddess 5" are deeply loved by players.

According to the released PV, the game’s high degree of restoration has been well received (even exactly the same), and many players have experienced this mobile game as a meal replacement before P6 came out. "Finally, I don’t have to play P5 in other linked mobile games."

How about the specific gameplay? Let’s find out after the test.

Walking with the new moon

Manufacturer: candle salary network research and development

Test information: March 30th "Orange Test" Android file deletion test without charge.

"Walking with the New Moon" is a horizontal exploration and turn-based strategy game with urban supernatural theme independently developed and launched by Candle Pay Network.

In the first exposure of PV a few months ago, we can see the collision of Chinese background style with Cthulhu, urban tales of mystery and other elements, the elephant slide with rolling eyes, the picture frame with feet, and the refrigerator with open and close doors. All the settings are very bizarre and funny; The grounded background of passers-by and tea restaurants who speak Cantonese Putonghua may give Cantonese people a strong sense of intimacy.

Just a few days ago, "New Moon Companion" released a brand-new PV again, with a large amount of "next episode preview" PV, which also greatly increased the player’s goodwill.

Gameplay is a very common turn-based card among the two-spined apes. We look forward to this test together.

Aurora at White Night

Manufacturer: Yonghang Technology Development and Tencent Distribution.

Test information: March 30th "Sailing" test, Android limited file deletion without charging test.

"White Night Aurora" is a magical strategy-style war chess elimination mobile game developed by Beijing Yonghang Technology Co., Ltd. and issued by Tencent, and it is also the only new tour in this period that returns to China after going out to sea.

With a strong artistic level and easy-to-use strategy, Aurora on a White Night has made a difference in a number of secondary games. In particular, the role drawing, which is often drawn out of circles and comparable to illustrations, often makes people marvel at the artistic strength of this game.

However, some time ago, "White Night Aurora" was also rushed to the forefront because the painter He Tu used AI technology.

The game was launched in Japan, Europe and America on June 17th, 2021, and in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan on September 16th, 2021. On the first day of its launch, Nissho topped the free list of Japanese App Store and Google Play.

After obtaining the game version number on January 17, 2023, the national costume of "Aurora at White Night" entered an orderly publicity period. A few days ago, it was the nth time that Wit Studio, the hegemonic company, launched the animation OP "The Edge of Black and White", and the player said, "Boy, I have to watch it now."

"White Night Aurora" will start the "sailing test" on March 30, and interested players can pay attention to it.

Spiral Waltz 2 Wars of the Roses

Manufacturer: Cross Star Studio

Test information: March 30th, rehearsal ball, Android limited payment file deletion test, the whole platform has a total of 30,000 test places.

The dressing mobile game "Spiral Waltz 2 Wars of the Roses" produced by Cross Star Studio is about to start a limited test, and the game has obtained the version number on December 28, 2022.

As a highly acclaimed sequel to the Spiral Waltz, the Spiral Waltz 2 Wars of the Roses, created by the original crew, not only inherits the advantages of the previous work, but also further surpasses and upgrades the gameplay, pictures and plots.

The new concept of "scene dressing" revolutionizes dressing up and brings a unique game experience; Full costume+full scene Live2D dynamic dressing experience, embellished with exquisite hand-painted original paintings; Millions of plot texts and dozens of characters with different personalities bring a grand world view to the players. The player will be transformed into a noble girl "Kalia Lovela" and step into a fantastic and magnificent stage. The authority of fate is in his own hands.

Since this test is a limited test, the game will be closed after the number of registered users reaches the upper limit of the server. Players who want to participate in the test need to download it as soon as possible. Players who have not experienced it should pay attention to the subsequent test.

Code word: pupil

Manufacturer: R&D of Tianren Laboratory

Open test information: On March 31st, Android and IOS limit numbers were deleted without charge.

The horizontal adventure mobile game "Cipher: Pupil" independently developed by Tianren Lab announced that the first "preview test" (file deletion) of the game will be officially launched on March 31st. At present, the recruitment for the test is being carried out on major platforms and official website, and it will end on the 27th of this month.

Its story takes place in a new city "Kowloon City" consisting of nine blocks, where traditional and modern fashions collide and converge into a unique atmosphere of the city that is retro, trendy and bizarre.

"Code: Pupil" adopts the way of horizontal parkour, and has many innovations in horizontal action play.

The unique ball-eating combat gameplay lowers the operating threshold and allows players to focus more on the interaction with boss; Players can also summon teammates to fight by picking up "special help balls" and display their skills; In addition, the development team also strengthened the experience positive feedback of avoidance operation, so that avoidance is no longer a helpless move; These designs have greatly strengthened the combat strategy.

Generally speaking, "Secret Code: Pupil" can be regarded as a new two-dimensional tour worth looking forward to in the near future, and I look forward to the test performance of the first test.