"Betta Fish" was broadcast live into the military camp: What kind of waves were stirred up in 3 days and 72 hours?

A few days ago, the New Corps of the Hubei Military Region invited DouYu, the leading enterprise of domestic webcasting, to enter the military camp to broadcast live the training, work and life of the new soldiers who joined the army in September this year.

From November 8 th to 11 th, for 3 days and 72 hours, more than 600 recruits of the new corps faced the camera lens broadcast on the Internet for the first time, showing the military camp style and the image of officers and men in the new era in an all-round way.

Through DouYu’s lens, the majority of netizens not only see the gratifying changes in today’s military camps, but also truly feel the new pulse of ideological and political work in the army in the new era.

The growth of the new soldiers is clearly recorded by live cameras and shown to the majority of netizens. Xu chentu

What kind of waves did "Betta Fish" stir up when it entered the barracks?

"I heard that DouYu selected anchor online celebrity to enter the military camp. I signed up without hesitation, and I begged again and again. This is a very precious experience for me." Standing in the training ground of the recruits, "outdoor" said.

When it comes to "Outdoor", it is famous in the field of "online celebrity anchor". They are composed of two cousins, Fu Hailong and Pan Bin from Chongqing, and have more than 1.3 million fans. Pan Bin said frankly: "Some people in the society think that the atmosphere of the army is very rigid and the soldiers are very strict. This time, after the new corps and officers and men got in touch with each other at zero distance, I really feel that the army stresses both discipline and friendship, and the atmosphere is really good, completely eliminating some misunderstandings about the army between me and my fans and really getting to know the military camp again."

Seek depth with concreteness and impress people with truth. At 12 o’clock on the morning of November 11th, the real-time peak popularity of the webcast reached 5,653,600, and the cumulative number of hits in three days exceeded 104.22 million, with a cumulative barrage of 45,364,900. What is even more surprising is that the event was pushed by more than 300 websites across the country, with a reprint volume of more than 200,000 times.

"The barrage expresses the instant feelings of netizens." Qian Jing, a director who graduated from Simon Fraser University in Canada, told reporters: "Although you can’t see who sent it, every one is true."

Qian Jing flashed a screen shot: "This is a regretless youth, and I really like the army!" "Without them, can you sit here and watch the live broadcast comfortably?" "You have to learn not to abandon and not to give up!" "Very touched, this is the China soldier." "My old company commander appeared!" "This kind of activity is good, when will the second season come out?" "Tired or not, think about the revolutionary doyen …"

"Analyzing the data, we found,’ I’m going to be a soldier!’ Five words have been used for more than 40 times, which represents the strong desire of the younger generation. In this regard, Zhu Yuanfeng, head of the new corps of Hubei Military Region, was overjoyed: a live webcast has produced multiple social effects, which shows that there is still much room for us to enhance the times of ideological and political work.

The novel form of ideological and political work of the New Corps has aroused great interest of the anchors of "online celebrity".

"Betta fish" swam into the military camp, which originated from the idea of "living water"

"Companionship is the longest confession." This sentence, which has been popular on the Internet in recent years, has touched countless military families separated from each other. Because her boyfriend is a naval officer, Wu Wenjie also has some experience about it.

As one of the anchors who participated in the "Fighting Fish into the Barracks", Wu Wenjie is also a key member of the "online celebrity Party Branch". She thought she knew more about soldiers, but she cried four times in two days: the first time she couldn’t help crying when she finished 120 push-ups; The second time I cried when my arms were all worn out in tactical training; The third time was to train to the limit, but the "relaxation activity" arranged by the monitor for her was to cry when she sprinted 1200 meters. The fourth time, the activity was coming to an end and leaving his comrades-in-arms. Wu Wenjie cried miserably.

"It’s only after experience that I know that it’s really not easy to take the responsibility of defending the country as a man, and it’s really excellent!" Wu Wenjie said that her boyfriend saw her live broadcast and sincerely praised her and this activity.

The military camp is an armed unit with closed management. How did this activity facing the live broadcast of netizens enter the military camp?

"At present, officers and men are undergoing profound changes in their ideological concepts and values, while our ideological and political work is facing’ chronic diseases’ such as outdated models and single methods." Li Jun, political commissar of the New Corps of Hubei Military Region, suddenly felt a sense of urgency after an in-depth and meticulous investigation of recruits’ thoughts: the military camp is not a vacuum, and ideological and political work cannot be divorced from the background of the times and social environment. If we dare not face the challenge of ideological and political work in the new era, we will not be able to shoulder the historical mission of strengthening the army.

After in-depth problem-oriented thinking, the Party Committee of the New Corps planned a live webcast to enter the military camp, and formally reported to the Party Committee of the Hubei Military Region, which won the support of the superiors: if you can’t pass the network barrier, you can’t pass the era barrier. Under the premise of strictly observing the confidentiality provisions, you can do a good job in the activities and make an impact, thus creating a new path for ideological and political work in the new era.

The webcast entered the military camp, and various funds were invested heavily. Who will spend the money? When Li Jun found Wuhan DouYu Company, indicating the national defense effect and social effect that the activity would produce, Chen Shaojie, the chairman of DouYu Company, immediately made a decision: to participate wholly, and to invest a huge amount of advertising resources for promotion.

What’s even more surprising is that in the process of planning DouYu to enter the military camp, the working group of the Central Network Information Office, which is being investigated by Betta Company, also applauded it, taking this activity as the first stop of the large-scale theme activity of "Hello, New Era" of the Central Network Information Office.

In order to effectively ensure the smooth live broadcast activities and spread positive energy, the New Corps of Hubei Military Region strictly controls political censorship, news reporting, security and confidentiality, and on-site control, and also closely monitors the live broadcast process by using Jingchu. com’s public opinion big data system, creating a precedent for the monitoring and disposal of webcasting by big data analysis system in China.

The novel form of ideological and political work of the New Corps has aroused great interest of the anchors of "online celebrity".

"Betta fish" stirred up the new corps, stirring up more than just waves.

Just after finishing the work at hand, Deng Jiali arrived in Wuhan from Yangjiang, Guangdong Province overnight. On this trip, he will witness the important moment of his son Deng Xiucheng’s life.

Like Deng Xiucheng, for more than 600 recruits in the Hubei Military Region, November 11th is an unforgettable and memorable day-they were awarded the rank of Private, wore caps, neckties and epaulettes, and officially became glorious PLA soldiers.

To the surprise of these soldiers, their parents were invited to participate in the "adult ceremony" of the recruits’ military camp, and they saw their children "quenched" through tempering and became men in the military camp. Together with parents, there are millions of netizens on the Internet who feel the new style of soldiers in the new era through DouYu.

"Betta" is on fire! While tens of millions of netizens kept refreshing the click-through rate and visiting messages, more than 20 media outlets, including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, china national radio, Hubei Daily and Hubei Radio and Television Station, interviewed on the spot, and turned their attention to the more significance brought by DouYu’s entry into the military camp.

Such activities "boost morale". Zhang Along, a private from Guangzhou University, said frankly: Usually, training is very hard, and you will be lazy unconsciously. Now, facing the live camera, you have to train hard and show the hard-working side of the soldiers in front of the vast number of netizens. With the praise and encouragement of netizens, you understand the sacred mission and responsibility you shoulder.

Such activities are "aura". Chen Jian, a squad leader who has been with recruits for four years, told reporters that in the past, ideological and political education for recruits was often written on a blackboard and watched in PPT, which was boring. However, "Betta Fish" entered the military camp to broadcast our training life live, which enhanced the sense of honor and mission of the soldiers in the interaction. This subtle education method is both smart and effective.

Such activities "gather popularity". In the past few weeks, the staff of Hubei Network Information Office, who has been paying attention to DouYu, expounded his views from the perspective of new media communication: Webcast is a new interpersonal communication mode, which has enhanced the credibility and persuasiveness of national defense education by constantly attracting popularity.

The three-day live broadcast time is fleeting, and netizens seem to be wanting more, but the Hubei Military Region has opened a door to explore the ideological and political work in the new era, and there are more wonderful things waiting to be staged …

Adventures of "Betta Anchor" in Military Camp

Some things can only resonate with personal experience. These two days, the webcast room of online celebrity’s "Amazing Aunt" continued to burst. What makes the majority of netizens watch and discuss online is what she saw, heard and felt when she visited the New Corps of Hubei Military Region.

Xiao Shujie, the "ever-changing aunt", is a signing anchor of DouYu Platform. Her lively and cheerful hosting style left a deep impression on netizens. As a professional "online celebrity anchor", Xiao Shujie traveled all over the country. Her camera aimed at many "delicious food" and "beautiful scenery", but she didn’t have a chance to enter the military camp.

Under the real-time focus of the camera lens, Xiao Shujie and DouYu team officially entered the new corps of Hubei Military Region at 2 pm on November 8.

In just one hour, Xiao Shujie’s live room attracted more than 120,000 netizens. However, what surprised her even more was that in just three days of military camp life, the military camp in her mind was completely subverted-

One of the adventures: "big pot rice" smells better than "takeaway"!

Like many girls, Xiao Shujie likes to taste all kinds of delicious food. Nowadays, it is convenient and fast to order online. She especially likes to order "take-away" and occasionally "show off while eating".

Before she arrived at the new corps, many fans reminded Xiao Shujie that the army was a "big pot of rice" and its taste was not good, so she quietly prepared a lot of "dry food".

However, on the first day of dinner, there were three meats and two vegetables and one soup on the table: red-cooked chicken, braised pork with plum vegetables, braised diced yellow pepper with tomatoes, shredded hot and sour potatoes, stir-fried Chinese cabbage and melon ribs soup, all of which were delicious. Xiao Shujie, who usually pays attention to her appetite, wolfed down two bowls of rice and exclaimed: "Big pot rice" is more fragrant than "takeaway"!

Adventure 2: Military songs have a different feeling!

Xiao Shujie especially loves to sing karaoke and is full of curiosity about the recruits’ "learning to sing military songs": Is the music beautiful? Are the lyrics lingering?

As the majestic song sounded, Xiao Shujie’s body suddenly shook. Although she hadn’t learned it before, Xiao Shujie couldn’t help humming along, singing and beating time, and her voice became louder and louder.

Looking at the live broadcast, many netizens issued a barrage: singing military songs is very similar and energetic. Xiao Shujie replied: "In the past, singing was self-satisfied. Today, singing military songs is passionate."

Until she went to sleep at night, Xiao Shujie’s ears seemed to be still echoing: the feeling of the moon on the top of her head is safe in the world, and the soldiers are always listening to the call, and love is dedicated to millions of families, and the true feelings are held in front of the people …

Adventure 3: The whole class stood up and sat with themselves to eat.

The next morning, Xiao Shujie failed in shooting.

At noon, in order to spur the recruits to train hard, the other classes stood up to eat who didn’t play well. As a result, Xiao Shujie’s fourth class stood up and sat with Xiao Shujie to eat.

Xiao Shujie, who stood up several times and was pressed on the stool, suddenly felt an inexplicable impulse: this time she dragged down the whole class, so she must train hard and do well next time!

At this time, Xiao Shujie’s live broadcast room was suddenly screened by the barrage: "See, this is the true feelings of comrades!" "Nothing is more powerful than unity!"

The fourth is not an adventure, but an unforgettable one: hanging on the horizontal bar "tears keep falling"-

In the afternoon physical training, Xiao Shujie, who usually doesn’t do much exercise, has completed 3 km running, 3 groups of push-ups, sit-ups and flat support, feeling exhausted. When I arrived at the horizontal bar training, I couldn’t help but burst into tears.

At this point, the live camera was aimed at her: "Fans bet you won’t last a minute!" Xiao Shujie replied with tears: "I can persist!"

Time goes by, and there are still 10 seconds from the training standard of 3 minutes. The whole class of recruits shouted in unison: "Come on, Xiao Shujie!"

"10, 9, 8 … 3, 2, 1", when Xiao Shujie finally finished all the physical training, the recruits in the class clung to her tightly. All kinds of gifts swarmed in the live broadcast room, and the barrage once again dominated the screen: "I didn’t expect you to persist, which really made us sit up and take notice." "The military camp gave you strength!" ……

Wiping away tears, Xiao Shujie left a youthful feeling in the webcast room: during the three-day military camp life, I laughed and cried and was moved. Whenever I couldn’t persist, I would sing in my heart, and every time I finished singing a song, I was one step closer to victory …

Be good at listening to the voice of the times

Huang Ming Village, Director of Political Work Bureau of Hubei Military Region

Webcast once made the troops "forbidden" to stay away, just like when mobile phones and the Internet first met military camps, many people chose to avoid and block them in the face of the voice of officers and men. Today, when we let go of the gates of thinking ideas, they are not the "scourge" people imagined, but also play an unexpected role in the military education management. Listening to the voice of the times, let us gain a lot.

Every era has its own voice. Compared with the past, the "voices" of officers and men in the new era are not less but more, not simple but complicated. In the past, officers and men were simple-minded, honest and obedient, but now young officers and men are well-informed and individual. In the past, the psychological demands of officers and men were relatively single, and they were "half instructors" to do a good job in food; At present, the spiritual needs of young officers and men tend to be diverse, and any new things that appear in society will stimulate their desire to have a taste and try.

The "new" voice of officers and men is not terrible. What is terrible is knowing that it is a "new voice" and coping with it in the "old way". In the face of new things emerging in the new era, some comrades look at them with "colored glasses" and are used to defining them with old frames. Some people have an "either-or" cognitive model, which they can’t understand or get used to, and blindly judge "today’s him" with "past me"; Some people are worried that "the gun will shoot the first bird" and "the rafters of the outcrop will rot first", avoiding sensitivity and avoiding hot spots; Some people are worried that the gate will be released, and they will not be able to close it. They are used to "fencing the fence", and they will be fortified at all levels and blocked everywhere.