Catch up with the progress and grab the construction period! The project construction of the SCO Demonstration Zone is changing with each passing day

Demonstration area in early summer,There are blossoming flowers, rippling blue waves,More energetic.In recent years,The SCO Demonstration Zone adheres to both speed and quality.Pull the pattern from a high position,Advance the construction of major key projects.Reverse the epidemic, expand domestic demand, stabilize growth,The construction of the SCO Demonstration Zone project is racing against time.Every day brings new changes.Let’s walk into the construction site together.Witness the hot scene of catching up with the progress and grabbing the construction period!

Shanghai Electric Shanghe Wind Power Equipment Industrial Park

Shanghai Electric SCO Wind Power Equipment Industrial Park, as a key enterprise in the SCO Demonstration Zone, has actually started construction on more than 340 acres, and the project is progressing very smoothly. It is expected that all phases 1-3 will be completed and put into use in June, 6 months ahead of the original plan for trial production. It is expected that the first batch of products will be officially launched by the end of July.

The project is built by China’s top 500 and industry leader Shanghai Electric Group with a total construction area of 366,000 square meters. The project introduces the core technology of German Siemens to build the largest and world-class high-end wind power equipment industry chain demonstration base in Asia.

Geely Satellite Internet

The Geely Satellite Internet project is progressing rapidly. The main roof and secondary structure construction have been completed, and the external glass curtain wall, internal pipeline laying and decoration work are being carried out in an orderly manner, with the goal of achieving operation in October 2022.

The project is invested and built by Zhejiang Time and Space Dao Yu Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Geely Technology Group. It will launch 72 communications satellites within three years, build the first global low-orbit satellite constellation in China, and lead the first phalanx of low-orbit satellite heaven and earth integrated Internet of Things.

SCO National Youth Entrepreneurship Center

Looking at the construction site of the SCO National Youth Entrepreneurship Center, there are vivid scenes of tower cranes running non-stop, construction vehicles shuttling back and forth, and buildings rising from the ground.

The total construction area of the project is 179687.36 square meters, and the main functional formats are Grade A office buildings, maker SOHO, administrative service hall, conference center, planning exhibition hall, finance, business services, supporting business, etc. After the completion of the project, the four buildings will present the design appearance of "Fang Zun", which means that the SCO demonstration area brings together the trend of the world. It will provide services for young people from countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative" and SCO countries, including international students, to come to China for innovation and entrepreneurship, economic and trade cooperation, job training, etc., and build an SCO national youth entrepreneurship platform.

Qingdao Sino-French International Living Room

The construction site of Qingdao Sino-French International Living Room Project is busy and orderly, and the project is progressing very smoothly.

The project has a total construction area of 16,000 square meters and a total investment of 160 million yuan. The project will integrate upstream and downstream resources of the industrial chain, introduce industrial Internet innovation resources and entrepreneurship projects from France and other European countries into the industrial innovation center of the French international living room, and conduct a centralized display of related industrial products to help the SCO Demonstration Zone build a new platform for international cooperation under the "Belt and Road Initiative".

Projects are a vehicle for investment and a platform for development. To do a good job in project construction is not only an urgent task to stabilize economic growth, but also a long-term strategy to enhance development potential.

Shanghai Electric SCO Wind Power Equipment Industrial Park, Geely Satellite Internet and other projects are just a microcosm of the SCO demonstration zone project construction in full swing.

As of mid-May, under the premise of ensuring quality and safety, all the key projects under construction in the SCO Demonstration Zone have been advanced rapidly and orderly according to the time nodes and schedule requirements, forming a vivid situation in which construction projects are catching up with each other and construction projects are in full swing. This will help the SCO Demonstration Zone successfully complete the annual target tasks, effectively strengthen the project support, and continuously consolidate hard strength and accumulate new kinetic energy!

(Source: Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Zone)