Jinan artificial intelligence industry accelerated growth, focus on Jinan government network

In today’s rapidly changing technology, we have unknowingly used the convenience brought by artificial intelligence (AI). For example, when you handle business in Jinan Administrative Examination and Approval Service Hall, Jinan Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation and other business halls, the smart government service hall will provide you with convenience; when you use medical self-service equipment to handle business in Jinan tier 1 hospital, or use navigation for travel, AI is quietly helping you.

With industrial upgrading, artificial intelligence has become an important driving force for a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. In Jinan, many companies in the field of artificial intelligence are constantly expanding application scenarios, fully mining the value of data, and using AI intelligence to empower modern industries to upgrade, promote social development to be more intelligent and efficient, and help cities become smarter. In this process, "industrial AI" is driving "AI industrialization", and Quancheng AI industry is accelerating growth.

Artificial intelligence leaders continue to climb and jump

When the national artificial intelligence industry is booming, Jinan has emerged a number of competitive representative enterprises in the industry. For example, Inspur and Shensi Electronics were selected as the top 30 AI China’s strongest artificial intelligence companies.

From the development path, empowering the transformation and upgrading of the real economy and the construction of smart cities has become a key area for Jinan artificial intelligence enterprises to continue to cultivate.

For example, Shensi Electronics has cooperated with Jinan Second Machine Tool and Baidu to implement smart factory solutions, promoting digital and intelligent transformation of key scenarios such as numerical control of stamping equipment product production and quality inspection, operation and maintenance and acceptance, maintenance and after-sales services, and promoting comprehensive quality improvement and efficiency.

In addition to the above applications, the artificial intelligence solutions created by Shensi Electronics have been applied in batches in industries such as energy, government affairs, medical care, emergency response, public security and finance. With such a wide range of industry applications, Shensi Electronics has only used it for 7 years. In this regard, Min Wanli, chief scientist of Shensi Electronics, said that the company has always maintained high-intensity independent research and development and technological innovation advantages, and accelerated the promotion of artificial intelligence empowered real economy innovation applications.

As a leading AI enterprise in Jinan, Inspur is also accelerating the inclusion of industrial AI, and has realized the implementation of industrial AI in the fields of finance, railways, electric power, transportation, smart cities, petroleum and petrochemical industries. For example, in the field of production, Inspur has built a world-leading server intelligent manufacturing factory. Compared with traditional production methods, manpower is reduced by 75%, production efficiency is increased by 30%, and production capacity is increased by nearly 4 times.

Deep empowering segmentation scenes break new ground

Application scenarios can be described as the vitality of artificial intelligence technology. From the development of Jinan artificial intelligence industry, in addition to the leading enterprises that have covered many industries with AI technology such as Inspur and Shensi Electronics, there are also a number of enterprises that focus on a certain field and are deeply empowered.

Zhongyang Health Technology Group Co., Ltd., which has been deeply involved in the field of medical informatization for more than 20 years, has become a leader in artificial intelligence application solutions in the medical field across the country. Its intelligent diagnosis auxiliary system for pulmonary nodules, intelligent diagnosis system for rib fractures, and intelligent auxiliary diagnosis system for coronary CTA have been used in more than 220 hospitals across the country; the ICD artificial intelligence coding system has reached the current leading level in China and has been used in hundreds of hospitals in nearly 100 cities across the country, successfully solving the problem of disease coding in the industry.

Just recently, the dynamic ECG intelligent assisted diagnosis system built by Zhongyang Health for many years was successfully launched in Juxian People’s Hospital. "From the application effect, it far exceeds expectations. It used to take 40 minutes for a doctor to see a 24-hour dynamic ECG, but now it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the ECG diagnosis after applying our artificial intelligence system. While improving the quality of diagnosis, it greatly improves the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment." Gao Xiyu, head of scientific research at Zhongyang Health, said. Behind such intelligence and efficiency is a large amount of training of massive data and excellent AI technical support.

Coincidentally, Lanjian Intelligent, which has been deeply cultivated in the field of logistics technology for 30 years, has become a leader in the field of smart logistics. As early as 2021, Lanjian Intelligent, with its honeycomb intelligent warehousing system, became one of the enterprises selected by Jinan MIIT for the "New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Key Task Units". And its "Honeycomb E-commerce 4.0 System" caused a sensation in the e-commerce industry once it came out, solving the technical difficulties of "finding people for goods". It once achieved a super efficiency of 12,000 boxes/hour on "Double Eleven", handling nearly 150,000 goods a day, and only 8 pickers. At present, the Lanjian intelligent honeycomb intelligent warehousing system has basically achieved full coverage in the e-commerce industry, and has successfully built the world’s largest "honeycomb" multi-wear system in the e-commerce industry. In the opinion of Wu Yaohua, founder and chairperson of Lanjian Intelligent, automation can fly higher and farther with intelligent wings.

From the scene, go to the scene. For artificial intelligence companies, it is crucial to accurately grasp the pain points of the industry, deeply empower the scene, and get through the "last mile". Many artificial intelligence companies in Jinan are focusing on the need for continuous empowerment in the industry.

Quancheng AI industry accelerates towards 50 billion level

As an important engine of industrial development and urban butterfly change, the artificial intelligence industry has become a field where various places have rushed to the beach. Jinan is also accelerating the pace of development of this industry and continues to carry out the "AI Spring City" empowering action.

In terms of industrial development logic, the growth of the artificial intelligence industry requires not only a deep understanding of industry pain points and application scenarios, but also technical support. Behind this, computing power, algorithms, data, etc. are all important factors.

From the current development of Jinan, in terms of basic layer, Jinan has become China’s computing power highland. The production and sales volume of servers is the first in the country and the second in the world, and the production and sales volume of AI servers is the first in the world. It supplies more than 1/3 of our country’s servers and more than 50% of AI computing power. In particular, the National Supercomputing Jinan Center has achieved complete autonomy and control of core technologies in the field of supercomputing. In terms of software technology, Jinan artificial intelligence core software technology is basically mature, and open APIs integrating vision, voice, interaction and other technologies have become the trend of industrial development.

Based on many development advantages, Jinan has become the national artificial intelligence innovation application pilot area, a new generation of artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot area, and a national industrial Internet demonstration area. The only city in the country where "three zones are superimposed". Such advantages help Jinan become a "depression" for resource gathering – the major ecological project "China Counting Valley" jointly built by provinces and cities has been landed in Jinan and is accelerating construction. The first phase of the park was put into use in the first half of this year. In the future, it will become a new highland for the computing power industry and a new beacon for the smart industry; Huawei’s three major innovation centers and regional headquarters, Baidu Shandong data annotation base and other projects have all landed in Jinan; artificial intelligence island accelerated construction…

At present in Jinan, the artificial intelligence industry has formed a relatively complete artificial intelligence industry chain from basic support, core technology to industry application. In 2022, Jinan has 358 artificial intelligence enterprises, and the scale of artificial intelligence core industries reached 27.10 billion yuan, an increase of 17.6% year-on-year, driving the scale of related industries to 100 billion. 11 companies were selected for the MIIT industry innovation key task list.

Under the trend of new technologies changing with each passing day, how can Jinan artificial intelligence industry achieve a greater leap?

As a senior expert in the field of artificial intelligence, Min Wanli suggested that "industrial AI" should drive "AI industrialization", encourage AI + leading enterprises to create new kinetic energy benchmarking applications, and replicate to the whole industry through service to form a pattern of "Shandong Germination National Blossom". In development, AI will be turned into a service, and the government will build an AI empower platform, where AI companies and entrepreneurs will serve industry customers and lower the non-technical threshold for AI popularization. Min Wanli said that industry experts and front-line practitioners can be trained as AI navigators and practitioners, and a "doctoral + graduate + engineer + industry expert" talent ecosystem can be built; in development, it is recommended to create sustainable green AI, encourage the miniaturization of large models, avoid paving the path of computing power, and get rid of dependence on high-end chips.

For the development of the AI industry, Jinan has drawn a blueprint, which will further promote the "computing power, algorithm, and arithmetic" industry to become stronger, better, and bigger. According to the plan, we will strive to double the development of Jinan’s AI core industry by 2025, reaching 50 billion level, and driving the scale of related industries to reach 200 billion level.