2023 national industrial Internet platform empowered deep line and Taiyuan industrial Internet development conference will be held soon

  As a key path for the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, the Industrial Internet has been fully integrated into 45 national economic categories and has become a new growth point for our country’s economy. As our country accelerates the development of the digital economy and accelerates the process of new industrialization, the Industrial Internet has entered a new stage of scale development, and the value of industrial Internet empowering industrial transformation and digital transformation will be released at an accelerated pace.

  In order to further promote the integrated application of industrial Internet platforms and continue to enhance the innovation capabilities of industrial Internet, on March 25-26, the "2023 National Industrial Internet Platform Empowering Deeper Tour and Taiyuan Industrial Internet Development Conference" will kick off in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, bringing a forward-looking, leading, professional and practical exchange event for all sectors of the industry. The opening of the conference is imminent, with four highlights looking forward to the development prospects and cooperation opportunities of industrial Internet.

  Highlight 1: Industry elites discuss Taoism and build industry consensus

  This conference will invite relevant ministries, provincial and municipal leaders, well-known experts and scholars in the field of digital economy and industrial Internet, and representatives of local industry and information technology authorities, industrial Internet leaders, platform enterprises, and manufacturing enterprises to come together to discuss policy trends and gain insight into development opportunities.

  At that time, a number of heavyweight experts and scholars such as Shen Changxiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Li Peigen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, will bring cutting-edge views and the latest insights; Guo Zhenxing, president of Huawei Coal Mine Legion Solutions and MKT, Yang Baogang, chief expert of the industrial Internet of UF Network joint stock company, Zhu Duoxian, chairperson of Beijing Languang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., and other leading enterprise representatives will also attend to offer suggestions on the industrial Internet empowering the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, and build consensus on development.

  Highlight 2: Dual cross-platform clustering, empowering results

  As the core of the industrial Internet, the industrial Internet platform is an important carrier for the optimal allocation of industrial resources. In recent years, our country has accelerated the construction of a comprehensive, characteristic and professional industrial Internet platform system. The leading role of the comprehensive "double-span" platform has continued to increase, and it has achieved remarkable results in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and empowering regional development. It has become a key force supporting the high-quality development of the digital economy in our country.

  More than a dozen cross-industry and cross-field industrial Internet platform leading enterprises such as Huawei, UF, Oriental Guoxin, Tencent, China Resources Digital, JD.com Technology, Lucon Wisdom, Zhongtian Internet, Baidu, Humi.com, etc. will gather in Taiyuan, with a series of activities such as forum exchange, supply and demand docking as a bridge, and with representatives of local manufacturing enterprises in Shanxi and various participants to jointly discuss hot topics such as platform application, technological innovation, and industrial empower, share the effectiveness of the industrial Internet platform empower, and explore new paths for the integrated development of industrial Internet platforms and key industries.

  Highlight 3: The launch of the blockbuster ceremony, strengthening professional support

  A number of blockbuster ceremonies will be held at the meeting, one is to hold a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation in digital economy development, the second is to launch the launch ceremony of the second node of industrial Internet identification analysis, and the third is to hold a pairing ceremony of industrial Internet empowered digital transformation partners. The holding of a series of blockbuster ceremonies will help Taiyuan accelerate the gathering of high-quality industrial resources, integrate high-end talents and subject resources, consolidate the intellectual and technical foundation, and strengthen the professional support of industrial transformation and high-quality development.

  Highlight 4: Precise docking of supply and demand to help cooperation land

  The prosperity of the industry requires the collaboration and development of all parties in the industrial chain; it also requires both supply and demand sides to give full play to the advantages of resource endowments, collaborate on innovation, and work together to achieve a win-win situation. The conference will hold the "Industrial Internet Platform Supply and Demand Matching Meeting" at the same time. At that time, representatives from 20 + units such as think tanks in the industrial Internet, national industrial Internet dual-cross platforms, industrial Internet leading enterprises, industry associations, and local manufacturing enterprises in Taiyuan, Shanxi will participate together, focusing on Taiyuan’s key industries and development needs, accurately docking supply and demand information, deepening technical exchanges and project cooperation, and promoting the application and promotion of industrial Internet platforms in key industries.

  "2023 National Industrial Internet Platform Empowering Deep Tour and Taiyuan Industrial Internet Development Conference" is about to be held, where there is not only the wisdom of industry leaders "sitting on the road", but also the practical exploration of industry elites "rising up and walking", and there are more prospects and opportunities for cities and industries to "meet each other". Looking forward to more partners gathering at the conference, working together to create a new situation of industrial Internet innovation and development.