In the past few years, why did Wang Jianlin suddenly "make a comeback"?

City Express news, 69 years old this year, Wang Jianlin, who is about to enter his seventies,Recently, it has begun to appear frequently in the public eye

The retired Lao Wang, recentlyClass A share market reduction operationIt has attracted much attention.

According to the statistics of Changjiang Business Daily, from 2019 to 2022, Wanda Film’s net profit loss exceeded 12.60 billion yuan in the past four years, while the company’s cumulative net profit from 2013 to 2018 was only 7.575 billion yuan.

Among them, in 2019, Wanda Film 10.50 billion yuan to acquire 95.7683% equity of Wanda Film and Television, but the company has not completed the performance bet for three consecutive years. Even if Zhang Lin regains control of Wanda Film,Failed to reverse the decline

Entering 2023, the national movie box office is picking up, Wanda Film’s share price is rising, but the company’s controlling shareholders are waiting for an opportunity to cash out.

On the evening of April 19Wanda Film announced that Wanda Investment plans to reduce its holdings of the company’s shares by no more than 65.3811 million shares, calculated according to the closing price on the announcement day.The maximum cash can be about 950 million yuan. The reason for the reduction is: shareholders’ own capital needs.

And just over a month agoWanda Film’s controlling shareholder, Wanda Culture Group, has reduced its 43.5653 million shares.Cash out about 583 million yuan

You know, the actual controller of Wanda Investment and Wanda Culture Group is Wang Jianlin, founder of Wanda Group.He reduced his holdings these two times, and the maximum cash can exceed 1.50 billion yuan

"One billion as a small goal"Lao WangShort of money?

In fact, Wang Jianlin’s life has witnessed the rise, prosperity and transformation of China’s real estate industry.

2023 national industrial Internet platform empowered deep line and Taiyuan industrial Internet development conference will be held soon

  As a key path for the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, the Industrial Internet has been fully integrated into 45 national economic categories and has become a new growth point for our country’s economy. As our country accelerates the development of the digital economy and accelerates the process of new industrialization, the Industrial Internet has entered a new stage of scale development, and the value of industrial Internet empowering industrial transformation and digital transformation will be released at an accelerated pace.

  In order to further promote the integrated application of industrial Internet platforms and continue to enhance the innovation capabilities of industrial Internet, on March 25-26, the "2023 National Industrial Internet Platform Empowering Deeper Tour and Taiyuan Industrial Internet Development Conference" will kick off in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, bringing a forward-looking, leading, professional and practical exchange event for all sectors of the industry. The opening of the conference is imminent, with four highlights looking forward to the development prospects and cooperation opportunities of industrial Internet.

  Highlight 1: Industry elites discuss Taoism and build industry consensus

  This conference will invite relevant ministries, provincial and municipal leaders, well-known experts and scholars in the field of digital economy and industrial Internet, and representatives of local industry and information technology authorities, industrial Internet leaders, platform enterprises, and manufacturing enterprises to come together to discuss policy trends and gain insight into development opportunities.

  At that time, a number of heavyweight experts and scholars such as Shen Changxiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Li Peigen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, will bring cutting-edge views and the latest insights; Guo Zhenxing, president of Huawei Coal Mine Legion Solutions and MKT, Yang Baogang, chief expert of the industrial Internet of UF Network joint stock company, Zhu Duoxian, chairperson of Beijing Languang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., and other leading enterprise representatives will also attend to offer suggestions on the industrial Internet empowering the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, and build consensus on development.

  Highlight 2: Dual cross-platform clustering, empowering results

  As the core of the industrial Internet, the industrial Internet platform is an important carrier for the optimal allocation of industrial resources. In recent years, our country has accelerated the construction of a comprehensive, characteristic and professional industrial Internet platform system. The leading role of the comprehensive "double-span" platform has continued to increase, and it has achieved remarkable results in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and empowering regional development. It has become a key force supporting the high-quality development of the digital economy in our country.

  More than a dozen cross-industry and cross-field industrial Internet platform leading enterprises such as Huawei, UF, Oriental Guoxin, Tencent, China Resources Digital, Technology, Lucon Wisdom, Zhongtian Internet, Baidu,, etc. will gather in Taiyuan, with a series of activities such as forum exchange, supply and demand docking as a bridge, and with representatives of local manufacturing enterprises in Shanxi and various participants to jointly discuss hot topics such as platform application, technological innovation, and industrial empower, share the effectiveness of the industrial Internet platform empower, and explore new paths for the integrated development of industrial Internet platforms and key industries.

  Highlight 3: The launch of the blockbuster ceremony, strengthening professional support

  A number of blockbuster ceremonies will be held at the meeting, one is to hold a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation in digital economy development, the second is to launch the launch ceremony of the second node of industrial Internet identification analysis, and the third is to hold a pairing ceremony of industrial Internet empowered digital transformation partners. The holding of a series of blockbuster ceremonies will help Taiyuan accelerate the gathering of high-quality industrial resources, integrate high-end talents and subject resources, consolidate the intellectual and technical foundation, and strengthen the professional support of industrial transformation and high-quality development.

  Highlight 4: Precise docking of supply and demand to help cooperation land

  The prosperity of the industry requires the collaboration and development of all parties in the industrial chain; it also requires both supply and demand sides to give full play to the advantages of resource endowments, collaborate on innovation, and work together to achieve a win-win situation. The conference will hold the "Industrial Internet Platform Supply and Demand Matching Meeting" at the same time. At that time, representatives from 20 + units such as think tanks in the industrial Internet, national industrial Internet dual-cross platforms, industrial Internet leading enterprises, industry associations, and local manufacturing enterprises in Taiyuan, Shanxi will participate together, focusing on Taiyuan’s key industries and development needs, accurately docking supply and demand information, deepening technical exchanges and project cooperation, and promoting the application and promotion of industrial Internet platforms in key industries.

  "2023 National Industrial Internet Platform Empowering Deep Tour and Taiyuan Industrial Internet Development Conference" is about to be held, where there is not only the wisdom of industry leaders "sitting on the road", but also the practical exploration of industry elites "rising up and walking", and there are more prospects and opportunities for cities and industries to "meet each other". Looking forward to more partners gathering at the conference, working together to create a new situation of industrial Internet innovation and development.

Lei Jun revealed that Xiaomi’s self-developed motor V8s got on the bus at the end of the year, and the speed of 27200rpm was the first in the industry.

IT House reported on April 18th that during the live broadcast this afternoon, Lei Jun revealed that Xiaomi’s self-developed motor V8s is expected to get on the bus at the end of the year, but the specific model has not been announced yet.

At the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference held in December last year, the Xiaomi Super Motor V8s was officially released, claiming that the speed reached 27200rpm, ranking first in the world.

The motor has a maximum horsepower of 578PS, a peak power of 425kW, a peak torque of 635N?m, a maximum efficiency of 98.11%, and a power density of 10.14kW/kg.

The motor is the first in the industry with 960MPa special silicon steel sheet, self-developed rotor design, bidirectional oil-cooled heat dissipation, S-shaped three-dimensional oil circuit design, 54 slots and 6 poles design, 8 layers of Hairpin flat wire winding, and the slot full rate is 77%.

Xiaomi also revealed that the company’s laboratory has pre-researched a 35000rpm motor.

Geely Automobile Guishengyue: I am confident of winning the final victory in the fierce competition in the automobile market.

Securities Times E Company News, on March 20th, Geely Automobile held its 2023 annual performance conference in Hong Kong. At the press conference, Gui Shengyue, chief executive officer and executive director of Geely Automobile Holdings Co., Ltd. said that Geely Automobile has full confidence to win the final victory in the fierce competition in the automobile market. Gui Shengyue said that his confidence mainly comes from four levels. First, Geely Automobile has great ability and potential of new energy and intelligence, which has been confirmed in the current achievements; Second, Geely Automobile has the ability to respond to market changes at any time to meet the needs of various users and maintain the healthy and stable development of the company. I believe that the evaluation of car companies in the capital market will eventually return to profitability; Third, Geely Automobile insists on fighting a value war and a moral war. Every time Geely Automobile sells a car, it is responsible for users and environmental protection, and "long-term doctrine" will definitely be rewarded by the market. In addition, the advantages of the entire Geely Group will also be fully reflected in Geely Automobile. For example, achievements such as AI, maps and satellites will empower Geely Automobile and further establish Geely Automobile’s leading position.

Yi Jianlian’s Contract Renewal: Worry and Encouragement of the Team under Economic Pressure

Yi Jianlian’s Contract Renewal: Worry and Encouragement of the Team under Economic Pressure

Guangdong men’s basketball team is facing severe economic pressure when renewing Yi Jianlian’s contract. Nowadays, the sports industry is booming and the players’ salaries are rising, which poses an unprecedented challenge to the team’s financial situation. While maintaining competitiveness, Guangdong men’s basketball team needs to allocate salary budget reasonably to ensure the steady development of the team. Fortunately, in this economic crisis, Yi Jianlian’s contract renewal has become a great news for the team. As the core player of the team, Yi Jianlian expressed his willingness to accept the salary reduction and stay in the team, which undoubtedly reduced the economic burden for the Guangdong men’s basketball team. However, the team is still worried about Yi Jianlian’s age and state. He is an old player and his physical fitness and state may be affected.

Despite this, the team is still full of confidence in Yi Jianlian’s leadership and encouragement to young players. There is no doubt about the economic pressure faced by the team. The rapid development of sports industry and the rapid increase of players’ salary have made the financial situation of Guangdong men’s basketball team worse. Maintaining the competitiveness of the team needs to invest a lot of money, but the team can’t consume too much financial resources. In such a difficult situation, Guangdong men’s basketball team must carefully consider every expenditure, especially in renewing the contract of the team’s core players. Yi Jianlian is the soul of Guangdong men’s basketball team, and his contract renewal affects the hearts of countless fans. However, the team must seek a balance under economic pressure to ensure the team’s sustainable development in the future. The value of Yi Jianlian cannot be ignored.

He is a symbolic existence of Guangdong men’s basketball team and one of the best players in the team’s history. Since he returned to the Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, he has been playing the leading role of the team, and showed extraordinary technical and tactical level on the court. His shooting ability, rebounding and defense are all impeccable, and he is the team’s scoring weapon and defense fortress. Yi Jianlian not only made brilliant achievements on the court, but also set a good example image off the court, which was respected by fans and society. His value is not only reflected in the team’s achievements, but also in the promotion of his reputation and image for the team. For Yi Jianlian’s willingness to accept a pay cut and stay in the Guangdong men’s basketball team, fans are undoubtedly excited. His decision shows his loyalty to the Guangdong men’s basketball team and his affection for this land.

Yi Jianlian is brilliant and has attracted much attention both in CBA and in the international arena. He had the opportunity to play in other richer leagues, but he chose to stay in the Guangdong men’s basketball team, which reflected his gratitude to the team and the fans. His willingness to reduce the financial burden for the team reflects his firm pursuit of the future champion of Guangdong men’s basketball team. This spirit and responsibility is worthy of all Guangdong fans’ pride. However, the team has some concerns about Yi Jianlian’s age and state. Yi Jianlian is 32 years old. Although he is not old among players, age is an unavoidable issue for basketball players. The team needs to pay attention to his physical fitness and state to ensure that he can still play his best on the court.

Although Yi Jianlian has been in good shape, his physical condition may be affected with his age. The team must make a reasonable training and rest plan and arrange his game time reasonably to ensure his health and competitive state. Despite concerns, the team is still full of confidence in Yi Jianlian’s leadership and encouragement. As the leader of the team, Yi Jianlian played a vital role on the court. His leadership style and on-the-spot command enabled the Guangdong men’s basketball team to remain calm and win at the critical moment. In addition, Yi Jianlian’s encouragement and help to young players has also cultivated excellent successors for the team’s future. He has won the respect of teammates and coaches both inside and outside the team, and his existence has a positive impact on the whole team.

On the whole, Yi Jianlian’s contract renewal is not only an economic encouragement, but also a guarantee for the team’s strength. The economic pressure faced by the team in renewing the contract should not be underestimated, but Yi Jianlian is willing to reduce his salary and renew the contract, which has lightened the burden for the team. At the same time, the team is full of confidence in his leadership and motivation for young players, which also provides solid support for the team’s future development. On the premise of successful contract renewal, Guangdong men’s basketball team needs to manage Yi Jianlian’s state and physical fitness scientifically and reasonably to ensure that he continues to maintain the best competitive state. Only on the basis of mutual trust between players and teams can Guangdong men’s basketball team go further and bring more glory and joy to fans.

Exposing Manchester United’s annual salary of 7.8 million persuaded Min Kim to join, and the income exceeded Lima! The club also found a house for it.

Neapolitan centre-back Min Kim Zai has been having an affair with Manchester United recently. The latest rumor is that Manchester United Club has made a deal and found a house for him in Manchester. Min Kim Zai, 26, joined Napoli from Fenerbahce for 16 million pounds last summer and played a wonderful season to help the team win the Serie A championship.

Manchester United are prepared to take advantage of the breach of contract clause in Min Kim’s contract, which came into effect in the first two weeks of July, to sign the Korean international for a transfer fee of 51 million to 56 million pounds. Italian media said that Min Kim himself had agreed to Manchester United’s personal terms, and the local newspaper Morning Post in Naples even claimed that the deal had actually been completed.

The report added that Manchester United also found a villa for Min Kim Zai in Cape Alderley, a famous star gathering place, and once he moves, he will enjoy an annual salary of 7.8 million pounds. This is equivalent to a weekly salary of 150,000 pounds, which is higher than the 120,000 pounds of Argentine Tieweili Sandro Martinez. No wonder the British media revealed that the club intends to start contract renewal negotiations with the Argentine international recently, and raise its weekly salary to 170,000 pounds, which is higher than Min Kim’s income.

It is reported that Manchester United are willing to pay Min Kim Zai’s breach of contract, but they also want to try to send out existing central defenders such as Maguire, Eric Baye or Lindelof in exchange. However, Napoli demands full cash payment.

If Min Kim joins Manchester United, he will not be the absolute main force, but considering that Lima and Vallanet have many injuries, he will also have plenty of opportunities to play. This season, the 24-year-old "Argentine butcher" has only participated in 27 Premier League games, while Vallanet has been unable to participate in 13 league games due to injury.

Despite the Italian media’s words, as we all know, Manchester United’s transfer rumors can’t be trusted, and only the final official announcement can be confirmed. Besides Min Kim, Ajax centre-back Timber, who Manchester United intended to introduce last summer, is another leading role.

This week, Timber confirmed that he had received many invitations, but he did not rule out the possibility of staying in the team again and playing for Ajax for another season. The 21-year-old Dutch international’s potential next home is not only Manchester United, but also Liverpool and Naples. Timber explained: "I had a one-on-one conversation with the club and the new Sports director at Ajax’s training ground. He had a detailed communication with my agent. As far as I know, Ajax wanted me to stay with the team. Besides, I won’t make any other comments, and the dialogue about my future will start soon. 」

Timber added: "My situation is the same as last year. I don’t know whether I will take that step at present. I enjoy my life in Ajax. You can show yourself here at any time. Whether I go or not has nothing to do with the Champions League qualification. Ajax is always Ajax. I need to consider, if I transfer, is the future blueprint correct? I know very well that the manager and the people around him are very important. I think next season will be better. Ajax will usually get back on track with or without me. I understand people’s thoughts. If the giants make an invitation, they think I can’t refuse. It’s hard to say no. But that is not my position. In my case, everything remains open. As far as my interest is concerned, many things have happened behind the scenes, and I will soon see the specific choice. 」

The British "Daily Mail" revealed that Manchester United Club has approved Lima to return to Argentina to recover early. However, he will return to Manchester next week to watch the FA Cup final. The Red Devils hope that he can return as scheduled in the pre-season training in July.

Tenghage believes that instead of letting the 25-year-old Argentina international stay in bad weather in Manchester, it is better to let him go home for a week or two and visit his family, which will inspire his spirit. Lima’s hometown is Gualegai, and he may also go to his old club Defender Club in Buenos Aires to meet his former teammates and friends.