Development and Reform Commission: implement a number of forward-looking and strategic national major scientific and technological projects; Ganfeng Lithium Industry: It is planned to invest in lithiu

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: Improve solvency supervision standards and enhance the service capacity of the insurance industry

It was learned from China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission that in order to better guide the insurance industry to serve the real economy, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission will continue to improve the solvency supervision standards, and on the basis of scientific and effective risk prevention and control, continuously enhance the insurance industry’s ability to serve the overall economic and social situation. The person in charge of relevant departments in China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission said that China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission will continue to support the development of commercial pension business. According to the characteristics and development reality of commercial pension business, we will study and formulate preferential policies for solvency, reduce the capital occupation of the company, support the insurance industry to carry out commercial pension business, and promote the healthy development of the third pillar pension insurance. (Xinhua News Agency)

The General Administration of Market Supervision issued the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Drug Online Sales, which will take effect on December 1, 2022.

Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision issued the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Drug Online Sales (Order No.58 of the State Administration of Market Supervision), which will take effect on December 1, 2022. Clarify the qualifications and requirements of pharmaceutical trading enterprises engaged in drug online sales, and clarify according to law that vaccines, blood products, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, toxic drugs for medical use, radioactive drugs, pharmaceutical precursor chemicals and other drugs under special management by the state shall not be sold online. (CBN)

National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC): Targeting at frontier fields such as artificial intelligence, we will implement a number of forward-looking and strategic national major scientific and technological projects.

In Qiushi magazine, the National Development and Reform Commission published a signed article "Accelerating the Construction of a New Development Pattern and Firmly Grasping the Initiative of Development", pointing out that it is necessary to strengthen the national strategic scientific and technological strength, aim at frontier fields such as artificial intelligence, quantum information, integrated circuits, life and health, brain science and biological breeding, and implement a number of forward-looking and strategic national major scientific and technological projects. Actively expand effective investment. We will increase investment in short boards and implement 102 major projects in the 14 th Five-Year Plan in an orderly manner. Establish a coordination mechanism to promote effective investment in important projects, scientifically use policy-based development financial tools, guide financial institutions to increase supporting financing support, strengthen the protection of land, energy use, environmental impact assessment and other factors, and accelerate the construction of major projects. (Securities Times)

China Hi-Tech: The revenue in the first half of the year was 59.5349 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.28%.

Recently, China Hi-Tech (600730) released the semi-annual report for 2022, with revenue of 59.5349 million yuan in the first half of the year, up by 1.28% year-on-year; The net profit of returning to the mother was 5,775,200 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 64.16%. Among them, the education sector achieved revenue of 42.9544 million yuan, accounting for 72.15% of the company’s total revenue.

Weibo: The revenue in the second quarter was USD 450.2 million, and the operating profit margin was 21%.

Weibo released its financial report for the second quarter of 2022. The financial report shows that Weibo’s revenue in the second quarter was $450.2 million, down 22% year-on-year, and the market expected $441 million. Among them, advertising and marketing revenue in the second quarter was $385.6 million, down 23% year-on-year; Revenue from value-added services was $64.6 million, down 10% year-on-year. In the second quarter, Weibo’s operating profit was US$ 93.9 million, and its operating profit rate was 21%.

Zhiji Automobile: In August, the sales volume of Zhiji L7 was 1,007 units, up 23.4% from the previous month.

According to the news released by Zhiji Auto Official Micro, in August, the sales volume of Zhiji L7 was 1,007 units, an increase of 23.4% from the previous month. Since the nationwide delivery was started in mid-June, Zhiji L7 has delivered 2058 units.

Zhiwen Group: Revenue in the second quarter was 3,110.4 million yuan, down 15.3% year-on-year.

Zhiwen Group announced its financial report for the second quarter of 2022. According to the financial report, in the second quarter of 2022, Zhiwen Group’s revenue was 3.1104 billion yuan, down 15.3% year-on-year. Not measured in accordance with US GAAP, the net profit attributable to Zhiwen Group in the second quarter was 463.5 million yuan, compared with 551 million yuan in the same period last year. Zhiwen Group has been making profits for 30 quarters.

Weilai: 10,677 vehicles were delivered in August, up 81.6% year-on-year.

Weilai announced that 10,677 vehicles were delivered in August, up 81.6% year-on-year. From January to August, 2022, Weilai delivered 71,556 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 28.3%. Weilai has delivered a total of 238,626 new cars.

Xpeng Motors: The delivery volume in August was 9,578 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 33%.

Xpeng Motors announced that the delivery volume in August was 9,578 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 33%; A total of 90,085 vehicles were delivered in the first eight months, a year-on-year increase of 96%. Today, Weilai Automobile and LI also announced the delivery volume in August. Weilai Automobile delivered 10,677 vehicles in August, an increase of 81.6% year-on-year; LI delivered 4,571 vehicles in August, a year-on-year decrease of 51.54%.

Securities and Futures Commission issued IPO approvals for three companies including Ziyan Food.

The CSRC approved Shanghai Ziyan Food Co., Ltd. to publicly issue no more than 42 million new shares; Approved Wuxi Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. to publicly issue no more than 20 million new shares; Approved Arrow Home Group Co., Ltd. to publicly issue no more than 96.6095 million new shares. (Securities Times)

Dingdang Health: On September 14th, the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange was listed at a price of HK$ 12 per share.

Dangdang Health announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that the company sold 33.537 million shares worldwide, including 3.354 million shares sold in Hong Kong, 30.183 million shares sold internationally, and 15% of them were over-allocated. Offering shares from September 1 to September 6, 2022; The offering price will be HK$ 12.00 per offering share, with 500 shares for each unit, and the admission fee will be about HK$ 6,060. CICC and CMB International are co-sponsors; It is expected that the shares will be listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange on September 14th, 2022.

"Luchen Technology" completed $6 million in seed and angel round financing.

"Luchen Technology" announced the completion of $6 million seed and angel round financing, with Lanchi Venture Capital leading the angel round and innovation works and Zhenge Fund jointly leading the seed round. The two rounds of financing were completed within one year. Financing funds are mainly used to introduce teams and expand business markets. According to reports, Luchen Technology is committed to building a universal deep learning system Colossal-AI for the era of big models, and promoting the application of AI big models.

Cloud native RPA manufacturer "Yunna Technology" won the A round of financing.

Yunna Technology, a cloud native RPA manufacturer, won the A round of financing, which was jointly led by Yunjiu Capital and Haochen Capital. The old shareholder’s linear capital exceeded the investment, and the source joint venture served as the exclusive financial adviser. This round of financing will be used for product research and development, marketing and other aspects.

Sunlight Technology, a provider of 3D graphics engine, received nearly 100 million yuan in angel round financing.

Xuanguang Technology, a domestic 3D graphics engine provider, announced the completion of nearly RMB 100 million angel round financing, which was led by Shang Tang Guoxiang Capital, an industrial fund of Shangtang Technology, with Wanshi Capital as the exclusive financial advisor. Xuanguang Technology will use this financing to increase the large-scale infrastructure construction of products and continue to invest in the improvement of tool chain.

OPPO signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Omron Health Care

Recently, OPPO officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Omron Health Care, a home health equipment and health management service brand. In the future, the two sides will focus on healthy lifestyle management and cardiovascular disease management, and carry out a series of cooperation such as direct connection of IoT equipment, health data management and joint development of core technologies.

Ganfeng Lithium Industry: It is planned to invest in lithium dihydrogen phosphate integration project with Fulin Seiko (300432).

Ganfeng Lithium Industry announced that the company and Fulin Seiko recently signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement to carry out in-depth cooperation in lithium salt product supply, Ferrous lithium phosphate cathode product supply, industrial investment and project operation, and research and development of new lithium salts, so as to achieve win-win development. The two parties intend to jointly invest in the new "lithium dihydrogen phosphate Integration Project". The technical path of the project is to directly prepare lithium dihydrogen phosphate through lithium sulfate, with a long-term planned production capacity of 200,000 tons. The two parties intend to set up a joint venture company as the main investor with a registered capital of 100 million yuan.

China Automobile Association: From January to July, China’s top ten countries ranked in terms of import value of automobile goods, with a total import value of 47.18 billion US dollars.

According to the data of the General Administration of Customs compiled by China Automobile Industry Association, from January to July, 2022, the top ten countries in China’s automobile import value were Germany, Japan, the United States, Slovakia, Britain, Austria, Mexico, Thailand, South Korea and Hungary. Compared with the same period of last year, the import value of Slovakia and Austria continued to increase, while that of other countries decreased. From January to July, the import value of automobile goods in the above ten countries was 47.18 billion US dollars, accounting for 87.8% of the total import value of all automobile goods in China.

China ICT Institute: In the second quarter, China built 295,000 new 5G base stations.

According to "China ICT Institute CAICT" WeChat WeChat official account news, "National Mobile Network Quality Monitoring Report" (Phase 2) was recently released. According to the report, by the end of June 2022, the total number of mobile communication base stations in China had reached 10.35 million, with 5G base stations accounting for 17.9%, and 295,000 new 5G base stations were built in the second quarter. The total number of mobile users reached 1.67 billion, with 5G users accounting for 27.3%, with an increase of 52.44 million in the second quarter. (CBN)

Wang Haifeng, CTO of Baidu: The industrial model of the big model will be a TSMC-like model.

At the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Wang Haifeng, chief technology officer of Baidu and director of the National Engineering Research Center for Deep Learning Technology and Application, proposed in his speech that the industrial model of the big model would be a TSMC-like model. The big model and deep learning platform run through the whole AI industry chain, which is the base of industrial intelligence. The global user spending of "League of Legends Mobile Games" iOS and Google Play platforms has exceeded 750 million US dollars.

According to, League of Legends Mobile Games was first released on Google Play in October 2020. In less than two years, its global user spending on iOS and Google Play platforms has exceeded 750 million US dollars. In October 2021, League of Legends Mobile Games entered the China market for the first time. In the same month, its global user spending (on iOS and Google Play platforms) increased by 7 times compared with September 2021.

IResearch: WeChat, Alipay and short video platforms have become three major positions for business layout.

IResearch, an industry research organization, released the Insight Report on Private Domain Layout of Merchants in China in 2022. The report shows that the multi-platform layout has become a trend, and WeChat, Alipay and short video platforms have become the three most important positions for businesses to operate in the private domain; Applet is the most important private domain carrier; Nearly 80% of merchants are satisfied with the private domain management effect, and the growth effect of new customers and members is remarkable; The operating cost of private domain of merchants increased by 40% on average, and transformation efficiency, operating cost and public domain drainage became the core concerns of private domain layout of merchants. Public domain is the most important traffic source of private domain. After Alipay put forward the open mode of combining public and private domains in 2018, WeChat and Aauto Quicker also began to build public and private domains.

(Editor: Zhou Wenkai)

This online game is popular, but why does the mobile phone turn brick after someone plays it?

  CCTV News:Recently, a model named"Traveling Frog"The mobile game is swiped in the circle of friends, which is very popular with everyone because of its simple operation and slow pace.

  Online celebrity "Traveling Frog" is accused of "plug-in"

  This game was developed by a Japanese game company. Currently, among Apple iOS users, only the Japanese version is available. As of yesterday (23rd), "Traveling Frog" has become the first place in the free download list of Apple App Store.

  The game is simple to operate. You can use the corresponding number of shamrocks to buy food, notebooks, sleeping bags, bowls, lanterns and other items, and prepare the equipment in your frog’s bag when you go out. Accordingly, the frog will "send" postcards to the players during the trip, and will bring back the local products of the trip to the players after returning home.

  In this game, the common "currency" is clover, which is also the only item that can be recharged. In some raiders, some players revealed that the more clover there is, the more advanced the props you buy. During this period, some online sellers saw business opportunities and took the opportunity.Launched a "plug-in" service, claiming that players can get a large number of shamrocks.

  The online "2.1 billion clover" costs 20 to 50 yuan.

  Yesterday (23rd), after searching for "Travel Frog" on the online shopping platform, the reporter found that many businesses were selling "plug-in" services at prices ranging from 20 yuan to 50 yuan. Many merchants promise that after purchasing the service, they willProvide "2.1 billion infinite clover" and "990 lottery ticket",And supports the use of any mobile phone system. Buyers can choose to keep their previous game records, or they can choose to overwrite and start again.

   At present, in the regular recharge channel, players can only buy 2,800 four-leaf clovers at the highest cost in 25 yuan, which is greatly different from the quantity provided by "plug-in" merchants.

  Improper operation of "plug-in" or mobile phone becoming "brick"

  On the afternoon of 23rd, the reporter bought a set of "20 yuan Buy Clover" package. Subsequently, the merchant sent two links and the logo of the data file of "Travel Frog" in the mobile phone device. The reporter clicked on the first link, prompting that it is necessary to download the compressed file package. After decompression, it is the data displayed after the "Travel Frog" is recharged with 999,999 shamrocks, while the second link modifies the tutorial for the game in the iOS Apple mobile phone.

  However, the reporter found that there were many hidden dangers during the operation. Many iOS players pointed out after installation that their ownGame data and mobile phone data are lost for no reason,Including WeChat chat records, pictures and videos in mobile phones, etc. Some players also said that after installation, there were loopholes in their Apple phones.The mobile phone can’t send and receive short messages.It didn’t get better after brushing the machine.

  In this regard, the merchant explained that,Buyers may have to bear the risk of data loss of different mobile phone systems during the operation of the "plug-in" program.Take Apple’s mobile phone users as an example. If the user is a system below iOS9, nothing will be lost. If it is iOS10, the cache will be lost. iOS11 will not only lose the cache, but all the software will be reloaded.

  In addition, merchants also said that in order to avoid improper operation, most of the time they would suggest that buyers agree to remote control by them.Asked whether remote control will reveal privacy, the merchant said "I promise not to read it".

  Apple customer service called "plug-in" or leaked personal ID.

  An independent game developer said that the "plug-in" of "Traveling Frog" is actually very simple, that is,Modify game data.Merchants only need to buy the "clover upper limit" in the game first, get the corresponding data, and then copy the corresponding data to the buyer through the program.

  The reporter calculated an account, and spent 8929 yuan to recharge the full amount of clover, and calculated with a single selling price of 20 yuan and a monthly sales volume of 1188.The merchant has earned more than 23,000 yuan.

  Apple customer service staff said that in addition to causing the loss of mobile phone data and materials,This kind of operation of modifying game gold coins (clover) has certain security risks for users."Sometimes users’ personal privacy may be revealed, or some Trojan software may be installed during the operation, which may hinder the subsequent use of the equipment".

  The customer service staff pointed out, for example,If the user agrees to the remote operation of the other party, there may be a risk that the Apple ID account will be stolen."Merchants are likely to use this to lock users’ mobile phones and take the opportunity to extort money." He reminded that,Try not to let people you don’t know install or modify the corresponding data in the user’s mobile phone device.

  The game can be played, but the risks have to be prevented.

Visiting relatives from prison during the Spring Festival and seeing off his father-in-law and father, he has no regrets in life/figure

  Li Linping (a pseudonym), a prisoner, never imagined that he had the opportunity to leave prison to visit relatives during the Spring Festival this year. Having a reunion dinner, seeing off my elderly father-in-law and looking after my seriously ill father … Li Linping said that the experience of visiting relatives made him very excited. "I just want to make a good transformation, get out of prison as soon as possible and live a good life again." It is understood that this year’s Spring Festival, 42 prisons in the province organized a total of 274 prisoners to leave prison to visit relatives. Recently, all prisoners who left prison to visit relatives returned to prison on time.


  Leave prison: to leave prison freely.

  Li Linping, who is over 40 years old, is visiting relatives for the second time. Compared with the previous experience of visiting relatives, he felt very deeply that he was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment for corruption and abuse of power: "This time it is a reward, which is different from visiting relatives outside the prison. There is no full monitoring, and his psychology is very relaxed, and at the same time he has a sense of responsibility."

  In 2004, Li Linping’s mother-in-law died of illness, and he was granted a special leave from prison to visit relatives. From 3 pm to 6 pm that day, Li Linping, led by two policemen, returned to his hometown Qingbaijiang. After knocking on the head several times in front of her mother-in-law’s spirit and hastily comforting her wife and family, Li Linping reluctantly embarked on the way back to prison.

  At the beginning of February this year, Li Linping was pleasantly informed by Jintang Prison that he was on the list of people who left prison to visit relatives during the Spring Festival! It turned out that because of his good performance after he was imprisoned, Li Linping was given the opportunity to leave prison to visit relatives. At 9: 00 a.m. on February 5, Li Linping dressed up completely and excitedly appeared in front of his wife, sister, brother and other relatives. Accompanied by them, he confidently stepped up and walked out of the prison gate for the first time.

  Home: My father-in-law finally waited for him.

  In the morning, Li Linping went to his father-in-law’s house first. The 82-year-old father-in-law was seriously ill in bed. Li Linping came to the old man’s bed and took his hand tightly: "Dad, I came back to see you. Who am I?" After several calls, the old man raised his hand excitedly and said in a trembling voice, "Are you a son-in-law …" "He has been waiting for me, and now he finally sees me." Li Linping said that at noon the next day, the old man finished his life peacefully.

  Youth League Year: For the first time in many years

  At noon on the first day of returning home, a large family had a reunion dinner at their wife’s home. The family kept raising their glasses to bless the New Year and Li Linping. "For so many years, I went home for a reunion dinner for the first time. I am so happy to see a family in harmony. " Li Linping enjoyed this meal so much that he drank a little wine happily, even though he didn’t drink much at ordinary times.

  Filial piety: taking care of father before bed

  Li Linping, accompanied by his family, rushed to the General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region to visit his 84-year-old father almost every day. Because of his careless fall, his father wearing a ventilator could not speak. "Dad, I’m coming to see you. If you know, blink your eyes." Father moved and really blinked a few times slowly.

  "I finally saw the old man for the last time, but I also regretted that I could not be filial." Li Linping said that just after he returned to prison for half a month, his father quietly stopped breathing. He is very grateful to the prison for giving him the opportunity to leave prison to visit relatives, so that he can see the two old people for the last time.

  Significance: Carrying out humanized management.

  Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Prison Administration that all prisoners who left prison to visit relatives had returned to prison within the specified time, and there was no incident of supervision safety accident and criminals who left prison to visit relatives disturbing social order. Among them, Liu, a criminal in Chengdu Juvenile Delinquency Center, took the initiative to participate in local rescue and relief activities during his visit from prison, and the local town government sent a special letter of commendation.

  "Under the premise of strict standards,’ sunshine’ approval and ensuring safety, visiting relatives outside prison is an important means to improve the quality of criminal reform, which is the embodiment of the criminal policy of’ tempering justice with mercy’ and also conforms to the current advanced execution concept." Li Xinmin, Party Secretary of the Provincial Prison Administration, said.

  Liu Zhicheng, director of the Provincial Prison Administration, said: "Visiting relatives after leaving prison is an important measure to implement humanized management in prisons and an important embodiment of the prison policy of’ reforming people’. We will strengthen the summary, strive to improve and constantly advance." (Reporter Yang Qin)

Editor: Jufu

History episode 2

Animal husbandry has also developed, right? Now is not to solve the problem of survival, why eat something delicious? The country had the technology of planting wheat a long time ago, but wheat was not eaten in large quantities and nationwide. Why? That’s called wheat rice, wheat. Anyway, the granules are hard and uncooked, and they are very annoying to eat, so I didn’t eat wheat.

What is a country? North is south, what is this number? It’s Xiaomi. Does Xiaomi know what it is? Just the porridge is small, porridge millet is eaten in the north and rice in the south. What to eat? But rice.

But when it came to the Northern and Southern Dynasties, what was it like at that time? Great changes have taken place. Why? At that time, Tang, Song and Ming Dynasties were used to travel to the Yuan Dynasty. What was it like then? Xu Jin Guo began to attack China, and they were all nomadic people. What should China people say people in middle-aged areas eat? History, I like to eat one grain at a time, regardless of millet, rice or granules.

But like nomads and westerners, what are they? Fans, make things into noodles, make steamed bread and steamed buns. Why are they like this? Think about that group of nomads who ride horses to clean everywhere and fight everywhere every day. It’s not realistic for each of them to eat a bowl of fried rice with eggs, is it? So they just carried some wolves, cakes and steamed buns on their backs, and it was said that there were still things to chew when they walked in the middle door, so their doorknob technology spread to the middle, and they knew that the wheat had never been eaten right.

What should I put? Wheat is ground into flour, and then it will be made into steamed bread and Barbie. So what was it like at that time? I finally know what? Staple food, its capital was in the north before then. Where in Beijing? The north side represents the whole Central Plains, so at that time it was basically pasta, so in ancient times it was basically pasta.

The staple food is it. After eating this staple food, it is a dish, which makes me even more angry. This dish in our country has never been eaten since the record. Do you know why? Almost all the dishes are purely imported. The dishes we used to eat were not available in Li Shizhen and Compendium of Materia Medica. Maybe the grass and wild cakes on the roadside were eaten in ancient times, but we haven’t eaten them yet. Do you know why they are not delicious?

Like Confucius at that time, do you know what their main dish was? Okra, eating okra in a restaurant feels very tall, it’s so simple, it looks quite high-end, eating crabs is terrible and sticky, and almost everything is imported. So all of it is imported, and the real inheritance is from ancient times to Chinese cabbage, not guessing leeks, but leeks are not eaten by many people, so they are not very spicy, right? For example, if you want to eat leeks, you won’t be allowed to eat them. Why? Class 52 wants to eat some leeks in the final exam tomorrow. jiaozi, if it doesn’t work, ask why. No matter how much you continue to smell, you can faint in one breath, and you can beat cheating in the Zhu Jueyu exam, so leek is the only one from ancient times to the present.

China football monopolizes the Korean team! The new president of the Football Association was embarrassed and lost his first victory.

China women’s football missed the Paris Olympic Games: China’s football failed. China women’s football finally ranked third in the group B of the women’s Asian regional qualifiers for the Paris Olympic Games, and ended up out together with the Korean women’s football. This failure is not only the failure of women’s football in China, but also the failure of football in China.

Song Kai, the new president of China Football Association, shouted that the first goal after taking office was to ensure that China women’s football team could advance to the Paris Olympic Games, but now he can’t even qualify for the group stage, which makes people question his leadership. Song Kai strengthened the leadership team after taking office, trying to make China women’s football team stand in the world football. However, this failure made people question his leadership.

Football is a team sport that needs more professional management and more competitive players. China’s football needs to change in order to gain a foothold in the world football. The outcome has long been doomed. As early as the loss to the Korean women’s football team, the qualifying situation of the China women’s football team has been decided. Even if the China women’s football team won the Korean women’s football team, it still missed the best second place.

This defeat was a great loss of face for the players of China women’s football team, and many people didn’t even have a chance to make up for it. After the game, many women football players in China shed tears, and the girls were very unwilling to lose in the Xie Chang session of the whole team. Perhaps the lack of sufficient competitiveness has shattered the dream of China women’s football team. The Olympic Games is one of the top events in the world, and every country will send the best athletes to participate.

China women’s football team needs more time and energy to improve its own level in order to have better results. In the group match, the Uzbek women’s football team beat the Indian women’s football team 3-0, and became the second best team with 6 points and 2 goal difference, and advanced to the next stage together with the Australian women’s football team, the Korean women’s football team and the Japanese women’s football team.

Uzbekistan’s women’s football team made China’s women’s football team desperate to the end, and people had to sigh the failure of China’s women’s football team. In a word, the China women’s football team missed the Paris Olympic Games, which is the failure of China football and Song Kai. China’s football needs to be changed, with more professional management and more competitive players, in order to gain a foothold in the world football.

I hope that China Women’s Football Team can learn from this failure and make persistent efforts to achieve better results in future competitions.

Five benefits of swimming

In the process of beauty swimming, the water temperature in the swimming pool will stimulate the blood vessels of the skin to contract and expand, thus accelerating blood circulation and making the skin rosy and shiny. When swimming, the skin will relax well under the friction of water waves, and it will remove excess keratin from the skin, making the skin look as smooth and white as a baby.

The research on lowering blood pressure shows that swimming can lower the blood pressure of the elderly and improve the arterial health, which is an ideal exercise mode.

Increasing vital capacity Because of the pressure of water, it increases the burden of inhalation, and the respiratory muscles will constantly overcome these pressures and increase their contractility, thus increasing their vital capacity. With the increase of vital capacity, the breathing volume of human body becomes larger, which is beneficial to energy consumption.

Weight loss swimming is an efficient way to lose weight. People who swim regularly have tight muscles and slender arms and legs than ordinary people.

Improving sleep quality Swimming is very effective in preventing and treating insomnia. Especially for brainworkers who often use their brains, swimming can relax the whole body and prevent insomnia and lack of energy caused by excessive brain use.

Manchester United accepted Maguire’s half-price slump and claimed that he could transfer.

Manchester United accepted Maguire’s half-price slump and claimed that he could transfer.

British media Team Talk》20 said on 20th (Korean time) that "Manchester United will accept the reduction of transfer fee and sell harry maguire (30 years old). Some clubs still believe in Maguire’s ability. West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur have potential candidates. "

This is a humiliation for a former Manchester United defender. Maguire joined Manchester United from leicester city in 2019. At that time, the transfer fee was 80 million pounds (about 132.2 billion won), the highest in the history of Zhongwei. Manchester United entrusted Maguire with the captain’s armband and gave him trust.

However, as the days passed, Maguire’s malaise continued. It is common to leave space behind the opponent’s striker with a slow foot. Usually fatal mistakes are the reason for concessions. Criticism from local fans has intensified. According to the British "BBC" report, a supporter even threatened Maguire with family terror. Even when he played for England, he booed Maguire. In addition, under the leadership of the new coach Erik ten Hag, he was completely excluded from the competition for the starting position. Head coach Hager appointed Rapha?l Varane (29) and lisandro Martinez (24) as the main defenders. Usually, left-back Lu Kexiao (27 years old) is the central defender. In fact, Maguire was pushed to the fourth and fifth places.

After all, Manchester United are trying to sell Maguire in the summer transfer window. He also accepted a reduction in the transfer fee. According to Team Talk, Manchester United offered 40 million pounds (about 66.1 billion won) for Maguire’s ransom.

However, I think it is very unlikely to go to Tottenham. According to media analysis, "If Tottenham bring in former leicester city coach Brandon Rogers as the next coach, they will recruit Maguire."

The media then added, "Maguire hopes to renew his contract with Manchester United for at least two years." "Manchester United still have three Premier League matches and the FA Cup final. This is Maguire’s chance to say goodbye to the club."

Perfect home farewell battle! Firmino narrowly escaped tears, and Liverpool kept their last hope for the fourth place.

In the battle against Aston Villa, firmino ushered in a farewell game at home. After coming off the bench, firmino scored a goal in the 90th minute and presented the best gift for his last dance at home.

On Thursday, Liverpool announced that firmino, Nabi Keita, Milner and Chamberlain, whose contracts expired, will expire at the end of the season, which means that Liverpool has accelerated the process of upgrading, and this Liverpool built by klopp will be completely disintegrated.

As a member of the Red Arrow Tri-Man, firmino scored 109 goals and sent 79 assists in 360 appearances, which helped Liverpool win the Champions League, the European Super Cup, the World Club Cup, the League Cup, the FA Cup and the Community Shield, and won the Premier League in 2019-20, breaking the curse of not winning the championship for 30 years.

However, due to many reasons, firmino lost his main position in the 2021-22 season, and klopp even made Manet play the center at one time. After Manet left in the summer of 2022, Liverpool signed Nunez and Gakpo, which made firmino’s position in the team further decline. However, firmino still scored 11 goals in 33 appearances this season, with an average efficiency of one goal in 149 minutes.

When leaving, firmino said, "I am very clear about my current position. There are many outstanding young players in the team, and now it is time for me to leave." Speaking of the farewell game at home, firmino said, "I will cry 100% after the game. This is a special day."

After missing six Premier League games due to injury, firmino came off the bench in the 72nd minute, along with Milner, and the fans applauded their appearance.

Only by winning can Liverpool keep their hopes of getting tickets to the Champions League. In the 90th minute of the game, Salah made a cross from the right and firmino grabbed the goal in the small restricted area before Mince. This was firmino’s 110th goal for Liverpool.

After the goal was scored, firmino knelt down on the lawn to celebrate, and the Liverpool fans sang "The Song of firmino" again.

Arnold said, "People here love him, and players and fans love him. Sometimes he is always underestimated by the outside world, but he deserves his position. "

On his last appearance at Anfield and scoring a crucial goal at the last minute, firmino once again proved his worth.

[A little information] Every day, Manchester City VS Chelsea: Premier League champion Manchester City may be upset tonight, 1

First, yesterday’s in-depth article about the main victory of Tottenham Hotspur in the north was wrong. Things that don’t live up to expectations are directly defeated at home. (Today’s article needs hard work! )

Secondly, on May 20th, yesterday afternoon, Yang Jilong’s private chef shared the Manchester United win and Liverpool draw, both of which were satisfactory. As expected, Liverpool’s score was 1-1 or 2-2 Villa’s draw was very accurate.

Third, in the Premier League match at eleven o’clock tonight on May 21st, the general direction is Manchester City Jean Fu, and we support Chelsea’s direction.

Fourth, tonight’s score may be 1-1 or 2-1 or 2-2.

Fifth, Manchester City has won the championship ahead of schedule, and there will be an award ceremony for the Premier League champion at home tonight. If Manchester City falls at home tonight, many people may be harvested. Isn’t this what businesses want to see most?

As Arsenal lost 1-0 to Nottingham Forest in the 37th round of the League, Manchester City won the championship three times ahead of schedule, which also made their home game against Chelsea become a formality tonight. Premier League officials said that after the game, the awarding ceremony of the league championship will be held at Etihad Stadium.

Recall that when Guatou first went to Manchester City, because of a goalkeeper position, he first sent Joe Hart away, and then denied himself to Regent Bravo! I remember that at that time, some Manchester City fans were aggrieved by Hart and complained! Now it seems that although grades are a hard condition for people to shut up! However, I have to admit that Gua Tou is really professional, making Manchester City a flawless team step by step, and all the players he bought can inspire their respective potentials, which is very powerful! All the managers of Manchester City Club are more professional, not the kind of pure local tyrants who are stupid and rich! Eighty-three percent won the championship this year. I really envy Manchester City fans!

Needless to say, Manchester City’s performance this season, due to Arsenal’s defeat to Nottingham Forest yesterday, Blue Moon Manchester City has decided to win the championship ahead of schedule. Blue Moon Third Line said that Wang Wei’s performance has been partially completed ahead of schedule. With the victory over Real Madrid in the semi-final round of the Champions League this week, it is getting closer and closer to achieving the great cause of triple crown. In the second leg of the Champions League semi-final in midweek, Bernardo Silva scored twice to help Manchester City win 4-0. After the game, he was officially selected as the best player in this game by UEFA.

Manchester City will continue to attack the home games in the double match in a week, and the team has the ability to replicate the wonderful performance of beating Real Madrid in the middle of the week. The team has also confirmed that it will hold the championship award ceremony after the home game. I believe the team won’t want to lose before the championship ceremony. Let’s enjoy Harland’s record-setting!

The heat at Manchester City’s home tonight is naturally very hot. At this time, if there is a draw, or Manchester City just narrowly won one, this is in line with the expectations of many parties and is the best operation and trading.

Sixth, Chelsea has many injuries, but it has a deep lineup. It is not energetic to play the weak team, but it is very hard to play the strong team, eager to play its own worth and value, and it will not be defeated tonight!

Judging from Lampard’s speech at the pre-match press conference, there are still many players injured in Chelsea this round, including Mount (3 goals in 24 games), reece james (1 goal in 16 games), Cucurella (0 goals in 24 games) and Chilwell (2 goals in 23 games). At present, the team is also in a state of no desire and no desire. In the face of Manchester City, where strength and vigor are completely dominant, the visiting team Chelsea is afraid to run out of luck. Before the game, it was also the home of Manchester City’s champion.

Why do Manchester City fans want Sterling to line up? Guardiola gave him so many opportunities when this cargo was a war criminal for many times. After two months of transfer, he said that he was unhappy in Manchester City and had no reasonable playing time. Is he qualified for this skill? After leaving Manchester City’s system, the data plummeted directly, and a few cakes were fed by De Braune. I really thought I was the first winger in the world today!

Chelsea’s problem is very simple, that is, they can’t shoot. In fact, Chelsea’s game scenes are all dominant. In recent games, they are ahead of their opponents in terms of xG value.

At present, Chelsea’s ability to push for a high position is still very powerful. From the picture, we can see that the frequency of Chelsea’s oppression of opponents ranks first in the Premier League.Under tuchel, Chelsea often used high-ranking oppression to compete with opponents for the ball. Now Chelsea’s team composition is basically the same as Brighton’s, but the quality of players is obviously one level higher than Brighton’s. Porter and Chelsea can be seamlessly connected. Chelsea rested for eight days tonight, full of energy and more oppression, hoping to smash Manchester City’s venue! !

Give Chelsea a compliment and encourage them to resist.

Where is the peak of science and technology and the future of mankind?

In this era of information explosion, the Internet has penetrated into every corner of our lives, connecting all the people in the world through the Internet. The emergence of the mobile Internet has further enabled people to obtain information and communicate more conveniently. The rise of the Internet of Things connects everything and realizes the intelligent interaction between human beings and objects.

The arrival of 5G has opened up a brand-new network era, allowing us to see a broader future. The continuous development of artificial intelligence and quantum computing technology makes our fantasy of the ultimate future more real and possible.

In the vast world of the Internet, we can swim freely, get information, communicate and help business innovation. The mobile Internet liberates us in time and space, allowing us to enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet at any time and anywhere.

The intelligent interaction of the Internet of Things breaks through the barrier between man and machine, allowing us to interact with smart items magically. 5G gives us brand-new wireless communication capabilities, allowing us to enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet more quickly; With the development of artificial intelligence and quantum computing, we can master more technologies and tools to better cope with future challenges.

However, the development of these technologies and tools constantly reminds us that the challenges we face are not only technical, but also more influenced by multiple factors such as morality, society and politics. How to make good use of these technologies, how to avoid the negative effects they bring to us, and how to safeguard the future of mankind are the problems we need to think about and solve at present.

Therefore, I think we need to deeply understand the great power of Internet, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, 5G, artificial intelligence and quantum computing technology. Face up to the challenges and difficulties in technological development. While technology is constantly innovating, we should not forget the balanced development of technology and social ethics. Make the future smarter and more sustainable.