Jinan artificial intelligence industry accelerated growth, focus on Jinan government network

In today’s rapidly changing technology, we have unknowingly used the convenience brought by artificial intelligence (AI). For example, when you handle business in Jinan Administrative Examination and Approval Service Hall, Jinan Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation and other business halls, the smart government service hall will provide you with convenience; when you use medical self-service equipment to handle business in Jinan tier 1 hospital, or use navigation for travel, AI is quietly helping you.

With industrial upgrading, artificial intelligence has become an important driving force for a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. In Jinan, many companies in the field of artificial intelligence are constantly expanding application scenarios, fully mining the value of data, and using AI intelligence to empower modern industries to upgrade, promote social development to be more intelligent and efficient, and help cities become smarter. In this process, "industrial AI" is driving "AI industrialization", and Quancheng AI industry is accelerating growth.

Artificial intelligence leaders continue to climb and jump

When the national artificial intelligence industry is booming, Jinan has emerged a number of competitive representative enterprises in the industry. For example, Inspur and Shensi Electronics were selected as the top 30 AI China’s strongest artificial intelligence companies.

From the development path, empowering the transformation and upgrading of the real economy and the construction of smart cities has become a key area for Jinan artificial intelligence enterprises to continue to cultivate.

For example, Shensi Electronics has cooperated with Jinan Second Machine Tool and Baidu to implement smart factory solutions, promoting digital and intelligent transformation of key scenarios such as numerical control of stamping equipment product production and quality inspection, operation and maintenance and acceptance, maintenance and after-sales services, and promoting comprehensive quality improvement and efficiency.

In addition to the above applications, the artificial intelligence solutions created by Shensi Electronics have been applied in batches in industries such as energy, government affairs, medical care, emergency response, public security and finance. With such a wide range of industry applications, Shensi Electronics has only used it for 7 years. In this regard, Min Wanli, chief scientist of Shensi Electronics, said that the company has always maintained high-intensity independent research and development and technological innovation advantages, and accelerated the promotion of artificial intelligence empowered real economy innovation applications.

As a leading AI enterprise in Jinan, Inspur is also accelerating the inclusion of industrial AI, and has realized the implementation of industrial AI in the fields of finance, railways, electric power, transportation, smart cities, petroleum and petrochemical industries. For example, in the field of production, Inspur has built a world-leading server intelligent manufacturing factory. Compared with traditional production methods, manpower is reduced by 75%, production efficiency is increased by 30%, and production capacity is increased by nearly 4 times.

Deep empowering segmentation scenes break new ground

Application scenarios can be described as the vitality of artificial intelligence technology. From the development of Jinan artificial intelligence industry, in addition to the leading enterprises that have covered many industries with AI technology such as Inspur and Shensi Electronics, there are also a number of enterprises that focus on a certain field and are deeply empowered.

Zhongyang Health Technology Group Co., Ltd., which has been deeply involved in the field of medical informatization for more than 20 years, has become a leader in artificial intelligence application solutions in the medical field across the country. Its intelligent diagnosis auxiliary system for pulmonary nodules, intelligent diagnosis system for rib fractures, and intelligent auxiliary diagnosis system for coronary CTA have been used in more than 220 hospitals across the country; the ICD artificial intelligence coding system has reached the current leading level in China and has been used in hundreds of hospitals in nearly 100 cities across the country, successfully solving the problem of disease coding in the industry.

Just recently, the dynamic ECG intelligent assisted diagnosis system built by Zhongyang Health for many years was successfully launched in Juxian People’s Hospital. "From the application effect, it far exceeds expectations. It used to take 40 minutes for a doctor to see a 24-hour dynamic ECG, but now it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the ECG diagnosis after applying our artificial intelligence system. While improving the quality of diagnosis, it greatly improves the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment." Gao Xiyu, head of scientific research at Zhongyang Health, said. Behind such intelligence and efficiency is a large amount of training of massive data and excellent AI technical support.

Coincidentally, Lanjian Intelligent, which has been deeply cultivated in the field of logistics technology for 30 years, has become a leader in the field of smart logistics. As early as 2021, Lanjian Intelligent, with its honeycomb intelligent warehousing system, became one of the enterprises selected by Jinan MIIT for the "New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Key Task Units". And its "Honeycomb E-commerce 4.0 System" caused a sensation in the e-commerce industry once it came out, solving the technical difficulties of "finding people for goods". It once achieved a super efficiency of 12,000 boxes/hour on "Double Eleven", handling nearly 150,000 goods a day, and only 8 pickers. At present, the Lanjian intelligent honeycomb intelligent warehousing system has basically achieved full coverage in the e-commerce industry, and has successfully built the world’s largest "honeycomb" multi-wear system in the e-commerce industry. In the opinion of Wu Yaohua, founder and chairperson of Lanjian Intelligent, automation can fly higher and farther with intelligent wings.

From the scene, go to the scene. For artificial intelligence companies, it is crucial to accurately grasp the pain points of the industry, deeply empower the scene, and get through the "last mile". Many artificial intelligence companies in Jinan are focusing on the need for continuous empowerment in the industry.

Quancheng AI industry accelerates towards 50 billion level

As an important engine of industrial development and urban butterfly change, the artificial intelligence industry has become a field where various places have rushed to the beach. Jinan is also accelerating the pace of development of this industry and continues to carry out the "AI Spring City" empowering action.

In terms of industrial development logic, the growth of the artificial intelligence industry requires not only a deep understanding of industry pain points and application scenarios, but also technical support. Behind this, computing power, algorithms, data, etc. are all important factors.

From the current development of Jinan, in terms of basic layer, Jinan has become China’s computing power highland. The production and sales volume of servers is the first in the country and the second in the world, and the production and sales volume of AI servers is the first in the world. It supplies more than 1/3 of our country’s servers and more than 50% of AI computing power. In particular, the National Supercomputing Jinan Center has achieved complete autonomy and control of core technologies in the field of supercomputing. In terms of software technology, Jinan artificial intelligence core software technology is basically mature, and open APIs integrating vision, voice, interaction and other technologies have become the trend of industrial development.

Based on many development advantages, Jinan has become the national artificial intelligence innovation application pilot area, a new generation of artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot area, and a national industrial Internet demonstration area. The only city in the country where "three zones are superimposed". Such advantages help Jinan become a "depression" for resource gathering – the major ecological project "China Counting Valley" jointly built by provinces and cities has been landed in Jinan and is accelerating construction. The first phase of the park was put into use in the first half of this year. In the future, it will become a new highland for the computing power industry and a new beacon for the smart industry; Huawei’s three major innovation centers and regional headquarters, Baidu Shandong data annotation base and other projects have all landed in Jinan; artificial intelligence island accelerated construction…

At present in Jinan, the artificial intelligence industry has formed a relatively complete artificial intelligence industry chain from basic support, core technology to industry application. In 2022, Jinan has 358 artificial intelligence enterprises, and the scale of artificial intelligence core industries reached 27.10 billion yuan, an increase of 17.6% year-on-year, driving the scale of related industries to 100 billion. 11 companies were selected for the MIIT industry innovation key task list.

Under the trend of new technologies changing with each passing day, how can Jinan artificial intelligence industry achieve a greater leap?

As a senior expert in the field of artificial intelligence, Min Wanli suggested that "industrial AI" should drive "AI industrialization", encourage AI + leading enterprises to create new kinetic energy benchmarking applications, and replicate to the whole industry through service to form a pattern of "Shandong Germination National Blossom". In development, AI will be turned into a service, and the government will build an AI empower platform, where AI companies and entrepreneurs will serve industry customers and lower the non-technical threshold for AI popularization. Min Wanli said that industry experts and front-line practitioners can be trained as AI navigators and practitioners, and a "doctoral + graduate + engineer + industry expert" talent ecosystem can be built; in development, it is recommended to create sustainable green AI, encourage the miniaturization of large models, avoid paving the path of computing power, and get rid of dependence on high-end chips.

For the development of the AI industry, Jinan has drawn a blueprint, which will further promote the "computing power, algorithm, and arithmetic" industry to become stronger, better, and bigger. According to the plan, we will strive to double the development of Jinan’s AI core industry by 2025, reaching 50 billion level, and driving the scale of related industries to reach 200 billion level.

High flexibility monocrystalline silicon solar cells will better serve the national peak carbon dioxide emissions carbon neutral strategy.

CCTV News:Flexible solar cells have a wide range of applications in mobile communication, vehicle-mounted mobile energy, aerospace and other fields. Recently, the research team of Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a highly flexible monocrystalline silicon solar cell that can be bent like a piece of paper and is not easy to break. The achievement was published in the international academic journal Nature on May 24th, Beijing time.

In Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, researchers showed reporters their high-flexibility monocrystalline silicon solar cell. The solar cell in the hands of researchers is like a piece of paper we usually see, which can be bent at a large angle.

Liu Zhengxin, a researcher at Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences:The photovoltaics (solar cells) we use now are all made of monocrystalline silicon. When we apply stress to it, it is easy to break, especially when we want to make it cheaper and thinner.

Researchers told reporters that it was almost impossible to bend a silicon wafer at a large angle without damage in the past. The main reason is that the mechanical characteristics of the silicon wafer limit its flexibility.

Liu Wenzhu, Associate Research Fellow of Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences:Through analysis, our research group found that under the action of bending stress, the silicon wafer always breaks from the sharp tiny groove area around the silicon wafer. Based on such a discovery, our research group developed a method of smoothing the edge of silicon wafer.

The edge smoothing method mentioned by researchers is to treat the sharp V-shaped grooves on the edge surface and side of the silicon wafer into smooth U-shaped grooves, thus changing the microstructure and mechanical properties of the edge of the silicon wafer, while enhancing the flexibility of the silicon wafer, without affecting the light absorption ability of the silicon wafer. At present, the research team has been able to reduce the thickness of silicon wafer to 50-mdash; 60 microns. Compared with traditional solar cells, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of flexible monocrystalline silicon solar cells produced based on this technology remains basically unchanged.

Di Zengfeng, Deputy Director of Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences:Flexible solar cells will greatly expand the application scenarios of solar energy (photovoltaic), and will better serve the national major projects and the national carbon-neutral strategy of peak carbon dioxide emissions.

Shiyan market is abundant in New Year’s Day holiday, and the purchase and sale are booming.


During the New Year holiday, the consumer market reached its peak, and Shiyan increased market supply to better meet the diversified and personalized consumer demand of the people.

Early in the morning, the citizens who came to Huaxi Rural Shopping Mall were bustling, with fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, and all kinds of new year’s goods were dazzling, and people were busy shopping during the walk.

Fan Dengke, Deputy Manager of Market Management Department of Huaxi Rural Mall, introduced.Since last weekend, the sales volume in the market has increased obviously.Average dailyvegetablesThe sales volume is 500-600 tons, the fruit is 200 tons, and the sales volume of meat is 30% higher than usual.

In Baichang High-quality Agricultural Products Logistics Park, rice flour, grain and oil are neatly placed according to different brands and specifications, with sufficient supply and rich varieties. All kinds of non-staple food such as melon seeds, peanuts and candy are placed in the most conspicuous place in the shop.

Around the important time nodes of New Year’s Day, major supermarkets launched promotional activities, prepared the supply of goods, increased supply, and ensured that the holiday consumer market had sufficient goods and complete varieties.


1.8 billion times, 57 items, 14,900! A set of data to see the high-quality development of culture and tourism

The Press Office of the State Council held a series of press conferences on the theme of "Opening by Authorities" today (December 14th). Relevant officials of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism introduced the situation of accelerating the construction of a strong cultural country and promoting the high-quality development of culture and tourism.

Prosperous development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, and promotion of urban and rural public cultural service system to improve quality and efficiency. In the first 11 months of this year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism hosted 27 exhibitions, with 900,000 offline audiences and more than 1.8 billion online views. A number of stage art works that showed Chinese aesthetic style and distinctive flavor of the times were widely praised.

To protect, inherit and carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture, major projects such as the Chinese civilization tracing project and the archaeological China have been carried out in depth. Up to now, there are more than 100,000 non-legacy representative projects at all levels in China, including 1,557 national non-legacy representative projects, and 43 projects have been listed in UNESCO’s non-legacy list and roster. The number of world heritage sites in China has increased to 57.

Revelation from street shooting in Beijing and Shanghai: Coats match the new trend, saying goodbye to pants is more fashionable!

As the two fashion capitals of China, street shooting has always been the focus of people’s attention. Recently, a new coat matching trend is quietly emerging, which is not only fashionable, but also has the magical effect of reducing age.

First, the coat with the new trend-farewell pants

In the past, coats were always worn on the outside of trousers. However, now, people begin to try to wear coats as skirts. This new collocation method not only makes people look more fashionable, but also shows a feminine softness and lightness.

Second, the age-reducing fashion-the secret of coat matching

The reason why coat collocation can achieve the effect of age reduction is mainly because of the material and style of coat. Generally speaking, coats are made of soft and comfortable materials, such as wool and rabbit hair, which can make people look softer and warmer. The style of the coat can modify the figure and make people look slimmer and taller.

Third, how to choose a coat that suits you?

Choosing a coat that suits you needs to consider your figure, temperament and personal preferences. Generally speaking, turtle neck, chiffon shirts, etc. are all more suitable styles for matching coats. At the same time, it is also very important to choose the right color, such as black, gray, dark blue and other colors of the coat are more versatile.

Fourth, the highlights of coats with new trends

This new way of matching coats can not only show women’s femininity and lightness, but also show women’s independence and self-confidence. In addition, this collocation method is also very comfortable and convenient, so that people don’t have to worry about complicated wearing.

In short, as a new fashion trend, coat matching not only makes people look more fashionable and age-reducing, but also makes people feel comfortable and confident. If you haven’t tried this new collocation method, you might as well try it, and it may have unexpected effects!

"Running Teenagers" in Henan Province entered the community, and youth football was staged in Zhumadian in Jianian.

Dahe Net News (Reporter Mo Shaohua) On September 17, 2023, a series of youth football carnival activities of "Running Teenagers" in Henan Province entered the community was held in Zhumadian Sports Center. The activity set up four interesting football challenges and launched an eight-a-side football friendly match, in which more than 150 young players from nearby communities participated.

Football has a broad mass base. This carnival has added interesting interactive games such as "exciting the battlefield", "Jedi survival", "sniper" and "grabbing the tail" to give more children of all ages the opportunity to participate. Rich interactive games attract many children to participate, learn about football, fall in love with football and feel the joy of sports in the game. At the same time, this activity also organized a community youth eight-a-side football friendly match, inviting professional referees to judge, so that the young players can accumulate more competition experience and cultivate the sense of rules and fighting spirit.

The event was hosted by the Provincial Sports Bureau and the Provincial Department of Education, and hosted by Zhumadian Sports Center. It is understood that in 2023, the provincial demonstration activities of the theme series of "Running Teenagers" in Henan Province are divided into four sections: entering the community, theme activities, youth health education and online sports activities.

The activity will enter 20 mature communities with sports space in the province, link Henan brand real estate enterprises, integrate social sports forces, and provide innovative sports health experiences for families in 20 communities in the province; At the same time, combined with the sports characteristics of many places in our province, the theme children’s and teenagers’ competitions will be held, and more sports with local characteristics will be promoted by mobilizing local interest institutions, school associations and associations.

Curry revealed the outlook for next season: Paul joined, and the lineup adjustment is highly anticipated.

Curry mentioned next season, and his outlook for the team is exciting!

1. Regarding the joining of Paul, this experienced point guard will bring more depth to the team and make the lineup more reasonable and balanced. Paul’s leadership and organizational skills will add a lot of color to the team.

2. The continuous adjustment of the lineup is normal, but every player is showing his important value. This attitude of teamwork and positive contribution of the players will undoubtedly bring hope to the future of the team.

Although the team as a whole is improving, the biggest problem of the current lineup is the lack of big players, which is a fatal problem. This will bring some challenges against teams with strong insiders such as Nuggets, Timberwolves, Lakers, Grizzlies, Celtics and Bucks. Facing these teams, their tactics and defensive strategies need to be adjusted accordingly, such as strengthening perimeter defense, finding rebounding advantages and improving fast break efficiency to make up for the shortage of inside lines.

# Record my 2023#

The fans broke out! Pique and his 12-year-old girlfriend show love, and netizens ridiculed: It is far worse than Shakira.

Love rat usually doesn’t end well, and so does former Barcelona superstar Pique. Although Clara’s heart was captured, Pique’s love affair with her was not blessed by the fans, but suffered a lot of criticism and abuse. On the other hand, Shakira has received a lot of support. From the outside world, this Latin diva is a real victim. Today, Pique is a street rat. As long as he is in love with Clara Xiu on social media, countless fans and netizens will leave messages: love rat, you are sorry for Shakira.

It seems that in response to the soothsayer’s prediction of the future, Pique boldly exposed his love photos with his girlfriend Clara on social media. But things didn’t go as Pique imagined. Instead of being blessed, he was greeted by a wave of abuse from netizens and fans. After breaking up with Shakira, Pique’s staff collapsed, and he experienced setbacks both on and off the court. Today, Pique bears the stigma, and this 12-year-old relationship is also questioned.

Disliking Shakira’s old age and past passion, Pique did not hesitate to break up with Shakira. In fact, Pique got mixed up with Clara long before they broke up. Obviously, this is the script of love rat’s infidelity, and Pique finally lost the reputation of abandoning his wife and children. However, Pique doesn’t think so. Not only does he often love Clara on social accounts, but they also have no scruples in public.

Earlier, the Spanish edition of People, an American magazine, asked a fortune teller about the future of Pique and his girlfriend Clara. The fortune teller said that they would break up soon. Pique did not believe this, and he took photos of his love with Clara on his social account. As can be seen from the photos, the two are very close and their faces are full of smiles. It seems that this new relationship makes them enjoy it very much.

But fans and fans don’t think so. They talk nonsense under Pique’s social media account! Some netizens said: Clara is so old at the age of 24, and her figure is not as good as Shakira! Another netizen said: Pique, you are the only loser. You lost Shakira and the children because of Clara. Some netizens were furious: love rat, Clara is far worse than Shakira. Who do you think would know you if it weren’t for Shakira? There are more than 70,000 comments, and the voice of abuse accounts for the vast majority.

The love affair between Pique and Shakira, a model of football in the past, has been yearned for by countless people. But time has proved everything. Pique is not Shakira’s home. Even Shakira should be thankful that she discovered Pique’s dirty deeds when she was still young. Today, Shakira has moved away from her home in Spain, and she has taken Milan and Sasha to settle in the United States. In fact, for Shakira, having children is the happiest life.

Pique is enjoying a new relationship, and Shakira is not idle. Some time ago, Shakira and Tom Cruise watched the F1 race together, and their behavior was quite intimate. According to gossip media reports, Tom cruise is pursuing Shakira and even sent flowers to express his love. Of course, the source is not 100% confirmed, but seeing Shakira so relaxed, her fans are much relieved. As for Pique, he is in constant trouble. There is something wrong with the King’s League. Treacherous, Pique failed to fulfill his promise of salary increase, and many players have threatened to go on strike.